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ALABAMA FOOTPRINTS – Pioneers – a collection of lost & forgotten stories

About This Book

Alabama footprints pioneers


Alabama pioneers felt the lure of the frontier and struck out for unknown territory that would become Alabama, bringing with them only very few implements to survive. From Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and many other states they came to settle in the newly opened Mississippi Territory.

Alabama Footprints Pioneers continues the series with lost and forgotten stories of the earliest Alabama pioneers. Also available as EBook here.


Table of Contents

Alabama Pioneers Overcame Many Obstacles 

  • In Search Of A Peaceful Life
  • For Lack Of A Shoemaker
  • Restless, Wrecked, Rovers
  • Diary Of Traveling To Alabama In Early 1800s
  • The Trackless Wilderness Of South Alabama
  • 1814 Description Of Native Americans

Mississippi Territory 

  • The Yazoo Land Fraud
  • Citizens Rise Up Against The Governor

Dangerous Roads in the Mississippi Territory 

  • Treaties Formed With The Indians For Roads
  • Immigrants Bring Their Prejudices To Mississippi Territory
  • Natchez Trace And The Federal Road, Most Important Roads In Alabama
  • Notorious Robber Strikes Fear In The Hearts Of Early Pioneers
  • Spanish Difficulties Develop
  • First Counties Established

Famous Pioneers Of Early Alabama 

  • Vice-President Aaron Burr Charged With Treason
  • Vice-President Arrested In Alabama
  • Hero Of The Alamo Kills An Alabama Man

Fear Of War With The Native Americans Looms Ahead 

  • Man Killed By Indians – War Threat
  • Every Free White Male – 16 to 50 Was Subject To Serve In the Militia
  • Margaret Eades – Witness To Indian Wars
  • Tecumseh Arrives – Described By A Witness

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