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ALABAMA PIONEERS Transcribed Wills and Abstracts of Wills Book I

Alabama Pioneers Transcribed Wills and Abstracts of Wills Book 1


About This Book

ALABAMA PIONEERS Transcribed Wills and Abstracts of Wills Book I, includes all the wills submitted on the former site. – Note: there will be misspelled words as these are transcribed wills and the transcriber tried to stay as close to the original will which often included misspellings.


Surnames of wills – Alston, Andrews, Arnold, Avery, Bagwell, Barge, Bass, Bates, Bealle, Benton, Bird, Blackmon, Booth, Brazeal, Breyard, Bryant, Burnes, Burns, Bush, Butts, Caffey, Camp, Cannon, Carter, Clanton, Cleveland, Coker, Cooper, Cornelius, Cozby, Davis, DeJarnette, Dennis, Deramus, Dudley, Dumas, Eddins, Elam, Elliott, Ellis, Ezell, Farrar, Ferguson, Franklin, Gaines, Golden, Goldwin, Griffiths, Grimes, Gunter, Hagerty, Hamilton, Hearin, Hearne, Henry, Holly, Holtam, Hurst, Irby, Jackson, James, Jarman, Johnson, Junkin, Keener, Ketler, Lamkins, Lee, Lewis, Lovorn, May, Mayfield, McClure, Miller, Mims, Mixon, Mobley, Morgan, Morris, Nash, Parker, Read, Rhodes, Riley, Robinson, Rogers, Samons, Schmitt, Seale, Sheffield, Smith, Stanford, Stovall, Tate, Thomas, Thompson, Trawick, Trucks, Vickers, Ware, Wells, Whatley, White, Whitehurst, Wicker, Williams, Williamson, Wilson, Woods, Zeigler

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