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ALABAMA FOOTPRINTS – Exploration – a collection of lost and forgotten stories

About This Book

Alabama Footprints: Exploration

A collection of lost and forgotten stories about the people who discovered, explored and initially settled in Alabama.

From the time of the discovery of America through the time of De Soto’s daring expedition, restless, resolute, and adventurous men crossed oceans in pursuit of their destiny.

Alabama Footprints – Exploration – is a collection of lost and forgotten stories about the people who discovered and initially settled in Alabama.


Alabama Footprints – Exploration – A collection of lost & forgotten stories of Alabama  includes more stories and additional information that we are unable to include on the website.

Table of Contents

Spanish Explorers 

  1. De Soto’s Interpreter Was Almost Roasted By The Indians
  2. De Soto Was Refused Indian Maidens To Accompany Him
  3. The People Of Maubilla – Exterminated

French Explorers 

  1. First Mardi Gras In America
  2. Alabama Belonged To France For Sixty-five Years
  3. The Mississippi Bubble Burst

Revolutionary War 

  1. Alabama’s First Indian Agents
  2. Royalists Settle In Alabama
  3. James Willing And His Band Left A Trail of Devastation Seldom Equaled
  4. The American Revolution Fought In Alabama

Early Immigrants To Alabama 

  1. The Wife of President Andrew Jackson, Was A Pioneer Of Madison County, Alabama

  2. Injured, Robbed And Traveling On Foot, They Still Made It To Alabama In 1791

  3. Sophia McGillivray – A Remarkable Woman

  4. North Carolinians Preserve And Finally Arrive In Alabama

  5. Milly, Alone In The Wilderness Of Montgomery, Alabama In 1792

  6. Montgomery County, Alabama Inhabited By Some Interesting Characters

Living With The Native Americans 

  1. Some of the Alabama Pioneers Captured And Ransomed By The Native Americans
  2. Surveying Alabama Trading Houses Established
  3. Mississippi Territory Created Governor Blount Ousted First School Opened
  4. They Made Sure The Knot Was Tied Securely
  5. A Unique Native American Way To Settle A Land Dispute

Civilization Arrives 

  1. Religion, Patriotism, Laws And Civilization
  2. The Federal Road – Alabama’s First Interstate
  3. Streets Paved With Brick and Stone
  4. Some Early Towns In Alabama
  5. Native Americans Deceived By British


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