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Faith And Courage/Tapestry of Love Series Book 2 – A Novel of Colonial America

Tapestry Of Love Book 2

ISBN: 978-0983899815

About This Book

Did you know there was religious persecution in America in the 17th century? Read about the actual events that transpired in this historical novel based on court records from the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia including a visit from Quaker leader, George Fox that almost ended in disaster.

With the help of Col. John Washington, Randall Revell, Tom Cottingham, Edmund Beauchamp and other citizens of Somerset, the residents of the Eastern Shore ward off Indian attacks and conquer the wilds of Maryland’s Eastern shore to establish plantations.

Ribbon of Love, Faith And Courage and FreeHearts, make up the trilogy of historical novels based on the author’s ancestors.

This is a revised 2nd edition of the Tapestry of Love series.


After witnessing the execution of King Charles II, George Willson is forced to leave the woman he loves, flee to Virginia on a perilous voyage to live with his sister Mary and her new husband Ambrose Dixon. To avoid starvation, George must make a painful decisions for his survival while Mary tries to make a new life with a man she does not love.

Ridden with guilt, George and Mary’s life is further complicated when one they love is accused of witchcraft. Tormented by his past, George seeks to find purpose in his life when he, along with his sister Mary’s family, becomes involved in the Quaker religion and suffer persecution for their beliefs.

Based on actual court records and documents from 17th century Eastern Shore Virginia, previously unknown historical facts about America’s founding fathers are revealed in this historical fiction novel. The author takes real people, facts, dates and places and creates a story about life as it might have happened on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

Some of the characters based on actual residents of the Eastern Shore include Ambrose and Mary Dixon, Edmund Scarburgh, Stephen Horsey, the Custis family, Col. Norwood, Gov. Berkeley, Argoll Yeardley, Elizabeth Harris,Thomas Cottingham. the Assateague Indians and many other citizens of the Eastern Shore, Virginia. A helpful Appendix is included at the end of this well-researched novel to delineate fact from fiction

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“I learned many unknown facts about America’s history from this book…it should be required reading.” C. Davidson 
“Beautiful, heart warming and unforgetable book. Knowing that 90% of the historic events are true makes this book even more enjoyable. ” J. Shugart 
“A well structured story with many twists and turns…a gem of a book.” J. Reynolds 

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