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Ribbon of Love/Tapestry of Love Series Book 1 – A Novel of Colonial America

Tapestry Of Love Book 1

ISBN: 978-0983899808

About This Book

Gives an “up close and personal” look at the motivation, aggravation, and dogged persistence of the early settlers of Virginia as seen through the eyes of one typical family

The story of religious persecution in England helped on understand why many of our ancestors came to America. One of my favorite parts of the book was the story of Henry & Mary’s ship voyage to America. The details of what the conditions were like for our ancestors made me appreciate even more them making the voyage

Ribbon of Love is written with the reader in mind…………..getting your attention and keeping it. The author presented the story in such a way I could actually see & hear the events as they unfolded. Mrs. Larry

I really enjoyed reading this novel with its fictional story woven throughout historical facts and real historical people. Very nice interplay between what really happened and what might have realistically happened.  Noel Kersey

In this inspiring novel, the reader is taken back to colonial days of Virginia when Henry and his wife, 16 year old, Mary (Willson) Pattenden, are forced to flee on a perilous journey from the Star Chamber in England to America for their survival.

Coming from diverse cultural backgrounds and separated from the mainland by the Chesapeake Bay, the real world of the settlers of “Ye Kingdom of Accawmacke” is revealed and secrets about America’s history are discovered in this well-researched novel.

Actual court records dating back to the early 1630’s create historical accuracy as the reader is taken back to the primitive days of colonial America where the Pattendens encounter life-changing difficulties with Indians, ducking stools, illness, massacres, death, loneliness, love, and greed.

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“We’re all going to die!” echoed from below deck amid the frenzied screams and cries from terrified women and children between decks. Sounds of chaos below deck filled the air as the hands scrambled to free the foremast before it broke through the ship. 
“Quickly, men” We need to free that fore-mast now!” bellowed Captain Potts. “But, by God be careful, we don’t want to lose another man!”

REVIEW FROM READER: In addition to the love story, I found your descriptions of the clothing, home furnishings, personalities, family life, church and community to be most intriguing. The exhilarating action and subplots keep the reader in constant anticipation. It is almost impossible to put the book down until completion.

While your book is a novel, I found the history and descriptions to be on target and accurate.”
Dr. Don P. Brandon
Retired Professor
Anderson University
Anderson, Indiana



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