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MONDAY MUSINGS- Here is how to brighten gilt frames and other household hints from the past

  • houseworkTo remove dents in a wooden bowl or bread board, cover the dent with a damp cloth and steam with an iron.
  • Candles last longer if placed in refrigerator for a few days before using. They hold their shape better and burn slowly after this treatment.
  • The blade of a knife passed through a flame will slice fresh bread more smoothly and easily than a cold blade.
  • For Cleaning Glass Bottles – Crush egg-shells into small bits, or a few carpet tacks, or a small quantity of gunshot, put into the bottle; then fill one-half of strong soapsuds; shake thoroughly, then rinse in clear water. Will look like new.
  • Removing stain from silver caused by eggs- Apply salt with a dry soft cloth.
  • Cleaning glass and mirrors- A soft cloth wet in alcohol is excellent to wipe off plate glass and mirrors, and prevents their becoming frosty in winter.
  • To Brighten Gilt frames- Take sufficient flour of sulphur to give a golden tinge to about one and one-half pints of water, and in this boil four or five bruised onions, or garlic, which will answer the same purpose. Strain off the liquid, and with it, when cold, wash with a soft brush any gilding which requires restoring, and when dry, it will come out as bright as new work.

Did you know that in the founding days of America many citizens were persecuted because of their religious beliefs?

Read about this period of American history in the historical series, Tapestry of Love. Inspired by true events, these three books take you back to the time when our founding fathers who were immigrants from many countries, began to build new lives and a new country. All historical events actually took place on the Eastern Shore of Virginia and Maryland in the 17th century. Each book has an appendix at the end that delineates truth from fiction and sources and would make great gifts for history lovers or those who want to learn more about the early days of America. The descendants of the family depicted in these novels eventually settle in Alabama.

The series consists of three novels which are available in Ebooks as well as Paperback:

Ribbon of Love

Faith and Courage



Very well written look into colonial life using fiction combined with family history. Looking forward to reading the next two books written in this series.

Another book of Colonial America, and finished it in 2 days. So very interesting and couldn’t put it down. I learn so much about the times of early America, and written in very good taste. It had love, Truth, wars etc that naturally took place, but I love it in novel form. I am a learner and this book by Donna Causey is full of it. You must read! Jan


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About Donna R Causey

Donna R. Causey, resident of Alabama, was a teacher in the public school system for twenty years. When she retired, Donna found time to focus on her lifetime passion for historical writing. She developed the websites www.alabamapioneers and All her books can be purchased at and Barnes & Noble. She has authored numerous genealogy books. RIBBON OF LOVE: A Novel Of Colonial America (TAPESTRY OF LOVE) is her first novel in the Tapestry of Love about her family where she uses actual characters, facts, dates and places to create a story about life as it might have happened in colonial Virginia. Faith and Courage: Tapestry of Love (Volume 2) is the second book and the third FreeHearts: A Novel of Colonial America (Book 3 in the Tapestry of Love Series) Discordance: The Cottinghams (Volume 1) is the continuation of the story. . For a complete list of books, visit Donna R Causey


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