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TBT: The Mary Frances last trip down the Warrior River ended in disaster for Tuscaloosa

The Mary Frances last trip down the Warrior ended in disaster (Transcription from a history of Tuscaloosa written by an older resident, Ben A.…

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Would you travel 1000 miles on horseback to attend the University of Alabama? This 14 year-old boy did

JOHN MURRAY FORBES'S HORSEBACK TRIP TO ALABAMA IN 1831. By Thomas Semmes Forbes, Birmingham Originally written ca 1904 (Transcribed from Transactions of the Alabama…

Genealogy Information

These transcriptions of tombstones in two old cemeteries located in Tuscaloosa reveal some early pioneers relations

CEMETERY NEAR LAKE LORRAINE AND ROBERTSON CEMETERY IN NORTHPORT, ALABAMA (Transcribed from - The Alabama Historical Quarterly, Vol. 04, No. 04, Winter Issue 1942)…