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I can’t believe Sophia McGillivray delivered twins two weeks later. This woman was amazing

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  1. Love all these stories, though I don’t necessarily believe them to convey the total truth. History never reveals the total truth…only what the writer wishes to be remembered.

  2. Hi sophia mcgillvray was my 4ggm. What a remarkable women. DEBBIE

  3. Hi sophia mcgillvray was my 4ggm. What a remarkable women. Debbie Shaw

  4. Becky Lumpkin Stowe
    Sheryl Bishop Somathilake

  5. Want more on this area of the state –

  6. Sophia Mcgillivray Durant was my 6gg her daughter Polly Durant mother of Ward Coachman Chief of Muscogee Creek as while

  7. […] of Alexander McGillivray, and had cultivated Durant’s Bend on the Alabama as early as 1786; and Mrs. Sophia Durant appears to have been living on Little River in 1790, when, by her authority and resolution, she […]

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