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Six generations of Isaac Abercrombie of Perry County, Alabama

Isaac Abercrombie was a pioneer of Perry County, Alabama (born 1748 Scotland – died 1825 Alabama) This book is a compilation of six generations…

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Perry County, Alabama Vol. II reveals intertwining relationships between the families

A Collection of PERRY COUNTY ALABAMA PIONEERS BIOGRAPHIES & GENEALOGIES VOLUME II  includes genealogical information from Brush Creek area of Perry County, Alabama. Books make great gifts! Marion, Perry…

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UPDATED WITH PODCAST Nobles brothers built the first locomotive built south of the Mason and Dixon line

A WAR TIME FOUNDRY A Story of a Confederate Foundry at the present Anniston By Kate Quintard Noble Roberts1 My Grandfather, James Noble, left…

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A personal interview with Richard Pearson Hobson in 1908 from “The Sinking of the Merrimac fame”

During the Spanish-American War, Naval Constructor Richard Pearson Hobson U.S.N. devised a plan to scuttle a ship in the channel leading to Santiago harbor…

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UPDATED WITH PODCAST Biography: Charles Hooks born February 20, 1768 Revolutionary War Soldier

Happy Birthday! CHARLES HOOKS REVOLUTIONARY WAR SOLDIER (1768- 1843) Montgomery County, Alabama Charles Hooks is buried in Montgomery county, about twenty miles from the…

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UPDATED WITH PODCAST -BIOGRAPHY: [rare 1898 video] Dr. William Crawford Gorgas born October 3, 1854 – photograph

Happy Birthday! WILLIAM CRAWFORD GORGAS BIOGRAPHY and GENEALOGY (1854-1920) Tuscaloosa, Alabama Note: Follow the linked articles to see all the other connections this…