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BIOGRAPHY: Needham Lee born November 14, 1770

Happy Birthday! NEEDHAM LEE BIOGRAPHY and GENEALOGY (1770-1821) Shelby County, Alabama & Tennessee Needham H. Lee, Sr. was born November 14, 1770, in Prince…

Alabama Pioneers HonoredBiographiesGenealogy Information

BIOGRAPHY: Catherine Brown – born ca. 1800 – According to some historians, she is Alabama’s equivalent of Pocahontas

Catharine Brown was born about the year 1800. in a part of the country belonging to the Cherokee Indians, now called Wills-Valley,1 in the northeastern…

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The Masonic Apron – a true story – this happened frequently during the Civil War

The Masonic Apron by Vicky Clemmons My deep love and devotion for the older generations have always been evident by the company I keep,…