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Did you know that Foley, Alabama has a secret tunnel under the city – watch the [video] and see old photographs of Foley

Did you know that Foley, Alabama has a secret tunnel under the city? – watch the video and see old photographs of Foley

(You may have traveled through the picturesque city of Foley many times on your way to a Gulf  Coast vacation. Did you know the downtown area has a mysterious tunnel?)

The Foley Tunnel

John Snook owner of Gulf Telephone Company made a tunnel from the Magnolia Inn and his company across the street.  There were also more mysterious uses and reasons for the tunnel involving a love story, communists, and women sharpshooters. Check out the video below for the story behind the Foley Tunnel.

Foley is a city in Baldwin County, Alabama, United States. The 2010 census lists the population of the city as 14,618.

Foley (Images of America) Paperback

Named for John B. Foley of Chicago

Foley was named for its founder, John B. Foley of Chicago. As Foley was traveling to President McKinley’s funeral in 1901, he met a railroad agent who told him of the area in South Baldwin County. Foley came down the following year, and he liked what he saw and bought up between 40,000 acres and 50,000 acres of land. He then returned to Chicago and formed the Magnolia Land Company.

Foley at night (Photo of Foley is courtesy of TripAdvisor)

As he began to sell off acreage, he realized the need for a better way for the people to come to Foley. Foley used some of his own money to lay the rails so the train could come from Bay Minette. The first railroad station was built in 1905. The original station burned in 1908 and was replaced the following year by the station that is now the City’s museum. John Foley donated parcels of land for a school and churches.

The first train to service Foley was a wood burner called the “Pine Knot Special.” It would leave Foley in the morning and make a return trip in the afternoon. As people cleared the land, they would place liter knots in a wood box for the engineer to use as was needed. Foley was incorporated in 1915 with G. I. Weatherly serving as its first mayor.

Street Scene of Foley ca. 1935 (Alabama Department of Archives and History)

street scene of Foley ca. 1935

Foley, Alabama postcard ca. 1915size (13)

Cutting and Threshing 40 Acres Soy Beans – Wm Goetz Farm – Foley, Ala ca. 1920size (14)

Rice and Velvet Beans – Murray’s Farm – Foley, Alabama ca. 1900size (15)

Cotton Gin, Grist Mill and Rice Huller in Foley, Alabama ca. 1900size (12)

Foley, Alabama 1928size (16)

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  2. Andy Kennedy Barclay how cool!

    1. Did not know that! We should go!

  3. Yes. It was built by John Snook who owned Gulf Telephone and was a real nut case. I don’t think you can visit it.

  4. Very interesting bit of history. Thanks for sharing Betty.

  5. That is so interesting

  6. That is so interesting

  7. I had the privilege of knowing Mr. Snook He was a man with a wealth of knowledge, and had a understanding of what was happening in the world and the local community. He was a very soft spoken person and lover of cats as he taught me to be. It was a pleasure to have him as a customer and a friend.

  8. It’s not a secret anymore

  9. uh oh…the makings of a future sinkhole????

  10. Stephanie Findlay Green. 🙂

    1. I didn’t know that but now I need to know more!

  11. i’ve read this before. interesting

  12. My aunt lived in Foley when I was a child. She worked at Western Union n my uncle owned a business in town. I heard him tell about a tunnel but don’t recall the details. I was to excited about going to the beach.

  13. Been there, done that. Is the Magnolia Hotel still for sale?

    1. It sold a few months ago.

  14. It hasn’t been a secret since I was a child I remember taking man hole covers up at the foley park and exploring the drains looking for the tunnels this was in 1985

  15. Yep!! Heard about this when we moved here. Pretty cool. Btw the Magnolia Hotel is reopened. You need to come see it!

  16. Mary Jo Faulkner Steele, Tony May… Check this out.

    1. I was sitting in the driving rain in a soaked through rain coat at the Alabama-Auburn game when the Snake kept the ball and started running right at us on that famous run. Alabama quarterbacks can take the elements! Remember Bart Starr in the Ice Bowl? Dadgum, but y’all put out some quarterbacks down around Mobile!!! AJ—Coker—Snake! I’m sure there’s some I don’t know about. Sure do wish Alabama had one o’them Mobile-Foley quarterbacks now! It’s not asking too much to have at least ONE white boy on Bama’s team.

  17. I had no idea, I heard stories. But never knew.

  18. Vell Gallegly Faw, did you know about this?

    1. Yes I read about it about a year or so ago and then they had it on the new’s.I know where it is. Interesting story

  19. Yep. Guy was nuts. I went to high school there. He also had a contingent of female body guards trained in martial arts. Oh and when I was a kid he used to burn crosses in the park across the street.

  20. Very interesting. I enjoyed this very much.

  21. I love the different things I have read here.

  22. Neat story of history.

  23. I know all about it. Installed the doors in it when it was under construction!!

  24. Josh ShelnuttDavid McKeehanAlan Debbie Shelnutt

  25. I did not know about this and I was born and raised in Foley. My sister forwarded this to me. It was quite interesting. Thanks Carolyn!

  26. Very interesting…Foley AL has some of the most beautiful beaches that I’ve ever seen.

  27. Can we go through the tunnel now, as of March 2017 ????

  28. Can we go through tunnel now, as of march 2017 ?

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  30. Patty Moscato Faircloth are y’all going near here???

  31. We should have stopped off there.

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  33. Dhoya Bentley is this true?

    1. Yes Patt. I believe it is. I remember John Snooks, who had it built. He was charming and eccentric.

  34. That’s where the “receipe” is hidden!

  35. Tuscumbia had some also

  36. Knew the quaint little town of Foley during the 50’s and 60’s. My Daddy’s lung specialist retired to Foley fro NOLA. Spent a lot time there back then.Miss the small town feel !

    1. Jessica Stevens when’s the last time you’ve visited?its not small anymore.

    2. Pass through every trip to the beach! We used to stay at the small motel south of the Hospital when my Dad would be there for a few days. My parents considered moving to Foley at one time back then. There was very little in Gulf Shores at that time either.

    3. Jessica Stevens Van Wezel

    4. Jessica Stevens I went to that same doctor for my asthma! I was 5, so around 1957. I think the building that has the county school offices is where his office was. Allergy testing was primitive, but my granddaddy found the doctor, and we lived about an hour away.

    5. Cheryl Holmes We lived near Tuscaloosa. My Daddy was in Oshner’s in NOLA when Dr VanWeizel became his Dr. Spelling is not correct!

  37. Judy Quick John Self
    Did y’all know this?

  38. Very interesting video regarding history of tunnel

  39. Betsy Alexander Waggoner

    1. Debra Ashlock Thanks. Fascinating. I tagged Brandon.

  40. Angela Brown, have you heard of, or seen this!

    1. Janet M Kampmeier No, I didn’t know this interesting info. I have been to the restaurant at the Inn. Thanks for sharing.

  41. Ashton Carter
    Beth Lovell Carter

    1. Sandra Dorning love stuff like this!

  42. My Aunt n cousins lived on Foley.

  43. Cheryl Patterson Dean

    1. I read this somewhere. Fascinating!

  44. Brandon McCullar. Look at this

  45. Hilary Holmes McKinney

  46. Went to an Asthma specialist in 1957.. having gone back, I think the office is where the County School office is now, because I remember the glass cube windows.

  47. I was born in Foley, it was the first hospital in Baldwin county, now it is a museum. Kenny Stabler was also born there

    1. Jackie Zeigler I would love if they would make this accessible!

  48. I’ve been in this tunnel! I worked at Gulf Telephone, John Snook took me down to see it

  49. It sold a few months ago.

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