PATRON – Free links to some early Alabama marriages listed by county

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  1. Shirley Matthews

    For the staye.of Alabama and neighbouring states and all county has this site and most of the material are from the Probate records….sample….Jefferson county Alabama Geneagoly Trials…for every county and state…even way up to South North Carolinas ….enjoy…

  2. Kay Doyle White

    I tried several of the links and none are working.

    1. Alabama Pioneers

      Thanks for letting me know! These links were compiled some time back and the websites may have disappeared over time.

  3. Unfortunately, like a good bit of the recycled information on this website the teaser for “Free Links To Some Early Alabama Marriages” is just that – a teaser. Sometimes free information is worth exactly what you paid for it – nothing. I tried several of the links and they lead nowhere. Could have just as well Googled the information and saved some time.
    I understand that the owner of this website wants to make some money for the time and effort expended in maintaining it and that’s fair enough, but please do your due diligence before broadcasting something that wastes our time. Kind of frustrating.

  4. Mary Suggs

    I could not find any of the pages either, said they were unable to locate any of the pages.

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