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We recently UPDATED our book WHERE DO I START? Hints and Tips for Beginning Genealogists with links to online resources which includes “81 questions you should ask elderly relatives before it is too late” and even more online sources.
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  • Discover FREE online resources
  • Tips for courthouse research
  • Where to find birth, death, social security records free online,
  • 81 questions to ask when interviewing elderly relatives.
  • How to break down the proverbial ‘Brick Wall’

Review by Reader…If you’ve ever gone to a courthouse to search without preparing yourself for the kinds of questions you’ll need to ask, you will appreciate the author’s advice about getting ready first. You’ll save yourself time in the long run. I would have saved myself much time, had I read this author’s book before doing research. She removed the stigma or hesitation about inquiring in the courthouse if there is someone in the community you could hire to do further research for you. It’s very hard to discover what data lies where when you first begin genealogy research. This author is teaching by experience that you won’t have to go through yourself if you have this book and follow her advice. The list of genealogy websites at the end of the book is labeled Genealogy Websites for Beginners. No so. Even an experienced genealogist like me found some new websites I hadn’t discovered yet.

WHERE DO I START? Hints and Tips for Beginning Genealogists with On-line resources

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