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Information about Alabama Masonic Records

Many readers often ask me how they can access Masonic Records in Alabama so I thought I’d provide a link to their policy.

The following Alabama lodges do have great web pages with history and you may be able to write some lodges to ask for information,

I was browsing on the Internet and discovered a few good websites with history and thought I’d list them him.  



Helion Lodge No. 1 –

Great History – First and oldest Lodge in the state with many early settlers names


Arab Lodge History

History from ca. 1900 – many names


Masonic Books available from Alabama Pioneers.


The Grand Masters of Free & Accepted Masons of the State of Alabama 1811-2011

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  1. Would there be a link to a site with information about Masonic posts which I can not find on present day lists? On one genealogy site I found reference to a Pea River No. 271 with a member name “Stephen Smith” which is the same as one of my ancestors.

    Thank you for your response.

    1. No, I’m aware of only the sites I listed on the web.

  2. I’m looking for Barbour County records. Too bad this does not include where I am searching for my 3rd great grandfather, Sherod Jackson Belcher.

    1. Does anyone have information to share on any of the following Lodges?
      I would appreciate hearing from folks interested in these Lodges or the history of Midway, Alabama. Eugenia [email protected]

      62 St. John’s Union Springs, Macon Co. 1 stand 3d Fridays
      63 Social Enon, Macon Co. Second Saturday
      76 Auburn Auburn, Macon Co. 1st and 3d Thursdays
      46 Harmony Eufaula, Barbour Co. 2d and 4th Saturday
      124 Felix Midway, Barbour Co. 2d and 4th Saturdays
      10 Royal White Hart, Clayton, Barbour Co. 2d and fourth Saturdays
      173 Andrew Jackson, Montgomery, Montgomery lst and 3d Tuesdays

      Our family has a certificate for A MASTER MASON, Social Lodge, No. 63, Enon, Macon Co. Ala. stating that “JAMES M.[Martin] TURMAN has this day paid up all his dues and arrearages to this Lodge and is therefore in good standing. Dated 10th day of November, 1860. John W. Persons Secretary of Social Lodge
      From ‘Description of Enon’: “The second story of the school house was a Masonic lodge. The two smallest front rooms were used with the consent of the Masons for school purposes.”

      We also have a Tribute of Respect submitted by the Felix Lodge No. 124, Midway, Alabama on 18 Jan 1866, for “John M. Brantley who was cruelly murdered on Tuesday night, 16 inst, in Enon, Macon County, Ala.” Submitted by T. A. Craven, L. L. Guery, W. C. Jordan, Comm.
      Note: John M. Brantley, age about 21, was a clerk in the store of Mr. James M. Pruett, at Enon, Ala. He slept on the premises. Murder reported in the 01-19-1866 Columbus Daily Enquirer. James M. Pruett offered a $600 reward.

      John’s father, Wm. Brantley, a Shoe Merchant in Midway, Ala. In 1860, was a partner in Sep 1858 with James M. Pruett. They owned a Tan Yard at Midway [Pruett & Brantley].

      Alabama – History – Masonic Biography and Dictionary
      Copyright. All rights reserved.

      “Sanford, son of Dozier Thornton, was born in Elbert Co, GA in 1798 and moved to Chambers Co, AL by 1836 and later to Macon Co., AL.
      On June 5, 1851, he joined the Auburn Masonic Lodge No. 76.
      He attended Lodge meetings on:
      July 22, 1852,
      December 18, 1852,
      December 27, 1852,
      February 17, 1853.
      On March 4, 1853,he died,
      and on March 6, 1853, was buried with appropriate honors by his lodge.
      Notice of his death, and a copy of his lodge’s “Tribute of Respect and Resolutions” appeared on March 25, 1853, in the Southwestern Baptist, published then in Montgomery, Alabama.”
      The big mystery to me is how Sanford could have been buried by his Auburn lodge and yet there appears to be no record of him in the Auburn cemetery — I would very much like to know where he is buried.

      Masonic Lodge Harmony Lodge – No. 46. Eufaula, Alabama.
      Emory C. Teel, great grandson of Wm. Augustus Alston wrote: “I have a cemetery deed to a plot in Eufaula, Barbour County, AL, but I don’t know who is buried there. I have often wondered if it might be Wm. Augustus Alston.”
      “Dated 18 Jan., 1912, it is lot number 29 in Presbyterian Addition in the Masonic cemetery in the City of Eufaula. The deed is from Harmony Lodge to Mrs. W. A. Alston.”
      It is witnessed by E. R, West, H. C. Holleman and H. Lampley. Committee for Harmony Lodge.
      Notes: I think that this is Harmon Lampley Jr., b. 1888, who married the daughter of H. C. Holleman. (Henry Coker Holleman,a Eufaula photographer) Edward R. West was the Chairman of the Cemetery Committee.

  3. My Grandfather (My Mother’s Father) was a member. I remember the ring he wore with the Masonic emblem.

  4. Decatur’s Masonic Lodge has a pretty good website:

    1. Thank you for mentioning it.

  5. the “Coosa” web link is nor working for me.

    1. Thanks, I took it off.

  6. My father was a Mason and taught at the Oak Park Lodge here in Montgomery, AL I know in the 50’s and 60’s. His father and brothers were also masons.. My grandfather supposedly taught Masonry in Crenshaw County before he moved to Montgomery in the early 1900’s. Please tell me how I might find information on our Family. Trying to trace them thru Pike Co., AL to Orange Co., NC .

    Thanks for any information you can give me!

  7. Years ago I called Montgomery Masonic office to inquire about records of many of my ancestors I know were masons in various Pea River lodges and Elba lodges in the 1800s. The folks I managed to speak to there were totally unhelpful in giving me any information or even being friendly about it. I was deeply disappointed because they seem to suspicion my motives for asking even though I explained I was just a genealogist looking for information on my ancestors known to be masons. I had heard they were a “secret” society, but it seems so childish to act that way.

  8. Google books has digitized versions of some Alabama Grand Lodge annual reports. I have found 1890s-1910s on there, but not all years. My 3rd great-grandfather was very active in DeKalb Co Masonic life, co-founding two lodges and serving several terms as Worshipful Master. I found the email address for the current WM at his last lodge, and he emailed me photos of the original charter and the roll of past WMs. Both are hanging on the wall in the Lodge. He also pointed me in the direction of the first lodge my ancestor belonged to, and said he’d seen his name on the wall there.

  9. Feel free to contact me if you have any historical Masonic questions, I’ll do what I can to help.

    Mike Brewer
    Current Grand Historian for the Grand Lodge of Alabama.

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