PERSONAL THOUGHTS ABOUT CORONAVIRUS – How are you coping with new normal?

All the posts entitled PERSONAL THOUGHTS ABOUT CORNAVIRUS will not be about Alabama history so simply skip them if you are not interested.

Many people thanked me for sharing my personal thoughts about the Coronavirus a few days ago and like I said in the previous post. . .

I have a choice as to how this virus affects me. I could become depressed and hope for the best; put my head in the sand and try to ignore what is happening around me; or fight back any way I can.”

The posts entitled PERSONAL THOUGHTS ABOUT CORNAVIRUS will be my way of fighting back. These posts, will include positive steps we can take now to adjust to the new normal and still fight back. They can be shared with anyone through social media. Please add your suggestions and experiences in the comments below. We can learn from each other.

I discovered the following video on Youtube.com. It is a video from Italians telling what they wish they had known 10 days ago.


We should learn from their experience. As each day goes by with continual bad news, it is depressing and harder and harder to adjust to the new normal, but many people are finding inventive new ways to cope.

Washing Hands in Public Restrooms


The video is funny but it shows real problems we have simply washing hands, especially when we are in public bathrooms. I thought it would be beneficial to share some ideas on how to avoid the problems this man encountered.

Here is an article with some good suggestions and explanations about hand-washing in public restrooms.

Washing your hands: Best public restroom etiquette in the age of coronavirus

What are your experiences and suggestions to overcome them? Share in the comments below and include anything humorous or positive. We all need a good laugh!


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