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Discordance: The Cottinghams (Vol. 1)

Filled with drama, suspense, humor, and romance, DISCORDANCE continues the family saga from the Tapestry of Love series with the children of Mary Dixon who married Thomas Cottingham.

Inspired by true events and the Cottingham family that resided in 17th century Somerset, Maryland and Delaware, colonial America comes alive with pirate attacks, religious discord, and governmental disagreements in the pre-Revolutionary War days of America.

Orphaned at an early age, the Cottingham siblings face pirate attacks, illness, injuries, and the disappearance of a loved as they try to establish their lives in the wilds of early America. Will they prevail or be torn apart over the issue of slavery?

Ribbon of Love is the 1st book in Tapestry of Love Series

As in the Tapestry of Love series, the author takes the reader back in time to the beginning days of America. DISCORDANCE: The Cottinghams will appeal to a wide-range audience.

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