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We just launched our first Podcast, Alabama Grist Mill! This will be another medium to share lost & forgotten stories about Alabama as well as great historical events.

A grist mill in pioneer days was the place to hear all the news so Alabama Grist Mill seemed to be the perfect name for our new Podcast.

The first episode is about Massacre Island, the Russian Princess, and Mardi Gras. We want the Podcast to be more community-based and this seems to be a good way of doing it.  Add your comments or additional information under this story and we may include it in an upcoming podcast.

After the Podcast was launched, Richard Cumbie provided AP with more validation about the Russian Princess story. Evidently, Alabama’s first historian, Albert J. Pickett included some details about it in his book, History of Alabama: And Incidentally of Georgia And Mississippi, From the Earliest Period, (Chapter XVII – Bossou’s visit to the French Forts upon the Alabama and Tombigby Rivers.)

So you want to know what we sound like, then check out the Podcast by clicking below to hear our first episode and don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family. A subscription to the Podcast is FREE!

Some of this story can be found in History of Alabama: And Incidentally of Georgia And Mississippi, From the Earliest Period  by Albert James Pickett, Alabama’s first historian

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    1. Alabama Pioneers

      Thanks! We look forward to this new way to share the news about Alabama’s history.

    2. Becky Tanner

      Love reading about Alabama history!

  1. I am glad you are doing this! Great job!

  2. Jerry Weeks

    I remember the trips to the mill as special on a horse drawn wagon full of corn. I was always scared while getting corn out of the corn crib. My Papa Weeks had a large rat snake living in the corn and you could hear it rustling around amount the dry corn husk. I can still clearly remember the unique musty odors at the mill and all the warnings to stay away from all those long fast moving belts in the mill. Fond memories from a long-long time ago.

    1. Linda Felts

      Is it still there? Would love to see it

    2. Jerry Weeks

      No idea, it was so long ago. They called it the “griss mill” and it was a few miles from the Byrd community(north of Detroit) in Marion County. I seem to remember that the mill ran on a large engine instead of being water driven. I do remember that out front they had one of those fuel pumps with the clear glass container on top.

    3. Sharon Stagg

      I have an ancestor who had one of those mills. Thank you for helping me realize how they were used.

  3. Jack F Granger

    If you study grist mills then learning about Gen. Sherman ( march to the sea) and his attitude toward them and then his future regarding them is a great side-bar story

  4. Do you have information on Bloucher’s Ford, in New Market, AL? I remember my dad taking me there when I was small. It was located behind Buckhorn High School, off of Winchester Rd. It was a gristmill, fed by water from a millrace coming from Toad Dam, on Mountain Fork Creek. This creek fed into the Flint River in close proximity to Buckhorn Tavern, on what is today; Ryland Pike.
    I found photo’s from a Geocache website a few years ago. Arsonists burned it to the foundation around 2007. All that remains are the masonry cellar walls today!

  5. David Oswalt

    Do you know what mill is in the picture. Has features of the Boshell Mill in Walker County.

  6. Michael Knitter

    Thats here in jasper. All of rock and dam are still there.

  7. Dawn Robinson

    One of my family ancestors actually built Yellow Leaf Creek Mill in Clanton.

  8. Kevin Greene

    Looks kinda like my family’s mill.

  9. Angela Posey Arnold

    My family owned and operated Posey Mill in North Alabama

  10. Mike Boshell

    I remember going there when I was a young boy. Lots of good memories.

  11. I have a painting of the Grist Mill pictured that I painted in 1972. It is included on my web:

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