MONDAY MUSINGS: The way you talk, does it give away where you are from, take this quiz and find out

There is a great quiz on the New York Times site – Dialect Quiz  – click here  that asks you how you speak to determine where you are from.  Take the quiz and see how accurate it is and post your results in the comments.  We found it very accurate and fun.

Expressions you might hear in the South….

Well, she’s alright, just a little ‘uppity’ that’s all” – meaning she puts on airs

A lazy man might be described as follows…

Sam’s biggety,” He ain’t hit a lick since his daddy died and left him that car.”

This one describes an inept person.

Well, preacher, you got Jane Smith up there leadin’ the singin’ an she don’t know ‘diddley ’bout music,”

Here are a few more that are self-explanatory

This knife’s so dull it wouldn’t cut hot butter.”

It was rough as a cob.”

He’s wild as a buck.”

It’s right as rain.”

That stuff’s as scarce as hen’s teeth.”

He was as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.”


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  1. Sandra Steagall Brown

    Born in Montgomery, lived in Birmingham 20 years. Left AL 46 years ago but results still show Montgomery, Birmingham and Jackson MS. Guess you can’t take the old vocabulary away!

  2. Doris Tuten

    Birmingham Montgomery Jackson Ms

  3. Nancy Nelson Fowler

    Me too. I live 80 miles from Birmingham….

  4. Cassandra Nancy Kenfield-Lea

    We left Alabama when I was 9 for Florida, where I was thru my first two years of college. I’ve lived in Europe and then 14 yrs in NYC..then New O, Denver before coming back to Alabama. I studied theatre and I have sort of a “transatlantic” accent, but, you’re right, some things just never fall out of your speech…the quiz “nailed’ me in Alabama!!!

  5. Virginia Williamson

    It gave me Mobile, Montgomery, Birmingham. I was born and raised in Mobile and live in Dothan now.

  6. L

    I wanted to be Southern, but the map shows a diff story! Oh well, I will pretend!

  7. Chuck Jones

    I got Montgomery, Mobile, and Baton Rouge! A little surprising! I was born in Sylacauga, but spent most of my life in Huntsville! I thought the North Alabama influence would outweigh the South, but apparently not!

  8. Pamela A. Lum

    Wasn’t accurate for me. It did have me located in western US but far from my birth state of WA. It stated Utah, California & the closest to me was Alaska. Too funny!

  9. Allison Houston Olson

    Too funny! I got Montgomery, Mobile and Columbus, GA, yet I’ve lived In Tuscaloosa almost my entire life

  10. Annette Mathews Gunter

    I am just glad to know that I sound like I am from Alabam since I am.
    “My home’s in Alabama, no matter where I lay my head.” RTR

  11. Billy Green

    Born in Mobile, lived all over the country and now in Jax, FL… it said Jackson, MS, Mobile, and Montgomery… Spot-On!

  12. Jimmy Grantham

    Nailed it. I’m from Mobile.

  13. Ronnie Whorton

    With-in 20 miles of where I’m from.Great!

  14. Blake Davis

    I already know where I’m from, but damn it got it right: Montgomery Alabammy..

  15. Faye Sheffield

    I’m from Mobile but quiz said Montgomery, Birmingham. Close enough!

  16. Karen Smith

    Alabama! That’s right!

  17. Tim Miller

    I got 3 cities, all in south…closest was Birmingham, and I’m about 40 miles south.

  18. Joseph Meeks

    Amazing, I live in Northern Indiana and it got me correct! all in the north and all within 100 miles of me: Grand Rapids Mi, Ft.Wayne In, and Rockford Ill.

  19. I got Birmingham, Al. That’s good….I was born there!

  20. Carolyn Lamb Steele

    Mine was pretty accurate. My cities were Houston Tx ( where I live now) and New Orleans. I was born and raised in Mobile, Al. So it was close.

  21. David McLeod

    Birmingham, Montgomery and Jackson. Born and raised in Bessemer, AL.

  22. Kathy Holland Jones

    I got 3 cities Birmingham, Knoxville, Chattanooga. I am from northern Etowah County (33 years) but I have lived in Marshall the last 14 years.

  23. Sonya Lindsey

    I lik da whey you Tawk….

  24. Cheryl Tharpe Dula

    Mine were Jackson, Ms, Mobile, AL or Tallahassee,

  25. Duke Parden

    I think I blew it up, it crashed and redirected me to the start.

  26. My 3 cities: Milwaukee, Madison WI & Grand Rapids MI. I have lived in Kenosha WI (far SE corner of Wisconsin) for nearly 27 years, though born & raised in Waukegan IL 15 miles south of here, so this is probably pretty accurate.

  27. Shannon Hall Jones

    MIne was pretty accurate too. However I seriously want a party barn in my town.

  28. Sheryl Biddle Moore

    Was born & raised in PA but have lived in the south off & on over the years.My cities were B’ham, Montgomery & Little Rock. Guess I’m southern now.

  29. Annette Calloway Cupps

    I was raised 20 miles north of Birmingham. My answers came up Birmingham , Montgomery and Jackson!

  30. Diane Glenn

    Accurate for where I live now – I got Birmingham, Montgomery and Mobile AL.

  31. Jeanne Ree

    Completely missed me… Maybe because I’m an army brat… 😀

  32. Suzan Brown Boyet

    Birmingham, Montgomery and Mobile.

  33. Christine Leonard

    It’s right on for me – Mobile, Jackson & Baton Rouge.

  34. Beverly Caudle

    Got mine right! Southern thru and thru!

  35. Gail Roberts Gary

    Wow this is pretty accurate!! It said Jackson, MS, Birmingham, Montgomery.

  36. Jane Russell

    Phooey. Tricky examples. A room full of people at work would be different than casual.
    I try to speak as a professional at work or socially with strangers.

  37. Carol Walters Carmichael

    I got Birmingham. Wonder why!!

  38. Scott Powers

    Somebody’s been watching Beverly Hillbilly reruns.

  39. Nelson Brod

    I think only in Alabama do people call sneakers tennis shoes, and soda Coke. I got south florida which is where I am from. In college at Alabama I was laughed at for using the word sneakers

    1. Gary Spotts

      That’s what we call both in Oklahoma. Now I’m from Alabama, no one has ever batted an eye at me for the way I talk. I just don’t quite have the proper drawl. Yet. Lol

    2. Maurine Turner Taylor

      Tennis shoes and Coke are what they call them in Mississippi too.

  40. Susan Weathersby Mann

    This was right on. I live in southwest Georgia. I got Birmingham, Montgomery, and Columbus. We all talk the same, as well as people in Mississippi, north Louisiana, and north Florida.

  41. Wm Flake Joiner

    The quiz reflected that I was from Montgomery or Birmingham.

  42. Gary Spotts

    I got Oklahoma City, which is right. But I’ll tell yall that nobody here in Alabama has ever asked me if I was from Oklahoma or the north or any other place. I conclude that we must sound close enough that it’s difficult to tell in passing. I don’t have the drawl, I sound more like a hick. Lol But the biggest difference I’ve notice is you all say “Roll Tide!” or “War Eagle!” when I would be saying “Boomer Sooner!” 😉

  43. Paul Bowen

    It said I was either from MobileAL, Montgomery AL, or Columbus GA. I’m from Montgomery so it’s pretty good.

  44. Ed Davidson

    Said Birmingham or MONTGOMERY and I grew up in both

  45. Carol Moore-Lopez

    Close, but not correct. The quiz being from the NYT probably explains why.

  46. Frederick Smith Crown

    I got Mobile which is exactly right!

  47. Karla Berezoski

    Interesting and pretty accurate

  48. Janine Parker Koslofsky

    It says that I’m from Detroit! And it’s right.

  49. Diane F Shelton

    Close but north Alabama instead of southern part

  50. Martha Pugh

    Live about 45 minutes from Montgomery, Al.. So mime was right.

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