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Donna R. Causey

Favorite memories aren’t meant to be sequestered in photo albums or exiled to attics, they should be shared.

“This packrat has learned that what the next generation will value most is not what we owned, but the evidence of who we were and the tales of how we loved. In the end, it’s the family stories that are worth the storage.“-Ellen Goodman – The Boston Globe


  1. I enjoyed the article about Richmond Pearson Hobson. It is a shame in most places in the article the name is listed as Richard Pearson Hobson. My father was named after Richmond Pearson Hobson and I was named after my father. I know most people wrongly assume the name is Richard rather than the correct name of Richmond. I have experienced this thoughout my life and had to correct people. I was told my grandfather who died before I was born knew Richmond Pearson Hobson and thus my father was named after him and I was named after my father.

  2. Hello, again!
    It’s been a while!!

    This is for the Editor’s eyes only – to consider including on this beautiful site.
    Wondered if you had seen this very interesting story.

  3. Donna, I want to thank you for posting the biography about Maj. Charles Abercrombie. Little did I know that I was one of his descendants, until recently. Your informative piece assisted me in adding to my family tree. Thank you so much.

  4. You should be a part of a contest for one of the greatest sites online.
    I most certainly will recommend this blog!

    1. Thanks!

      1. I wish you would publish a phone number or address to send the $ to become a patron.
        I would love to join!

        1. Check out our new Patron program. http://www.alabamapioneers.com/category/patron/
          We would love to have you as a member.

  5. I will be a Patron however, I would like to pay yearly instead of each month. Can that be done?

    1. Not at this time, Robert. Thank you for the question.

  6. I can identify some of the people in a few of your photos. Please inform me as to how to do this.

    1. If you see a link with a picture that starts with a Q, it will take you to the Alabama Department of Archives picture. They have directions on the page for submitting names, etc.

  7. Hi Ruthie,
    We sent you a private message.

  8. Donna: I am interested in where you found the information for today’s blog entry (Journal of C. J. Hildreth, of Albany/New Decatur, Alabama from 1889). Was it from the Ellen Hildreth collection (his granddaughter) at the state archives?

    C.J. (Christopher James) was my husband’s great-grandfather. He and his wife, Ella Stephens Trotter, were very interesting folks. C.J. reportedly kept journals his entire life. I have a bound 1876-79 copy of a journal that was produced about 1955 by a cousin (pre-photocopying) in my possession, but I don’t know where the original went. I also know of another one that was in the possession of a g-grandnephew several years ago.

    I have considerable information about C.J. life (including photos), if anyone is interested.

  9. Hi there! I’m doing a research paper on the Catawba native Americans and I’m trying to cite one of your news articles on their involvement in the Civil War. Would your website be considered a news source, a blog, or an average webpage?

    1. I’d lean toward a blog or average webpage.

  10. What phone company was located in Fairhope in or around 1939-1940? I am advised my grandmother worked there.

  11. I am researching the Hinton line, trying to prove that Elizabeth Jane Hinton Milford was the daughter of Bradford Hinton. I am doing this for membership in a heritage organization. I MUST have definite proof. I have proof that Bardford married Patience Hulday Lucre in Henry Co. GA, 22 November 1822. Would you possibly be able to help me?

    1. I’m sorry I no longer have time to assist in research. You might get some help from the Alabama Department of Archives and History.

  12. Hello, I recently signed up as a monthly donor, but am going back to work fulltime and unable to find the location to unsubscribe.
    Many thanks for such an informative site, though. I know so very many hours go into the upkeep and continuance!

  13. Was there an Indian village in Eufaula and if so what was the name?

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