Alabama Pioneers is a labor of love for us. We have been devoted to discovering and sharing the footprints left behind by our ancestors through photographs, films, stories, biographies on our website, Alabama Pioneers and our Podcast, “ The Alabama Grist Mill. We have been chronicling Alabama history and telling these stories for over 10 years and constantly are working to bring more stories in exciting new ways.

Now we have an interactive level

We have recently taken a step further and created an interactive level where members of the Alabama community can contribute their comments, add pictures, ask queries and communicate with each other within the framework of this website. It is accessible throuogh the Patreon APP on your IPad or  IPhone

Discordance: The Cottinghams (Volume 1) – A novel inspired by the experiences of the Cottingham family who immigrated from the Eastern Shore of Virginia to Bibb County, Alabama

Filled with drama, suspense, humor, and romance, DISCORDANCE continues the family saga from the Tapestry of Love series with the children of Mary Dixon who married Thomas Cottingham.

Inspired by true events and the Cottingham family that resided in 17th century Somerset, Maryland and Delaware, colonial America comes alive with pirate attacks, religious discord, and governmental disagreements in the pre-Revolutionary War days of America.


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  6. Would love to always get updated outstanding blog!

  7. Talking about tornados why not the ones that h it Al in 1932
    There over 400 deaths in the state!
    it is in a book at Amazon Called the Great Cyclone Written By
    A Latham Desc.

  8. The name in the tornado story from 1919 should be John Calhoun McRae and his store was the McRae Mercantile. He was my great-grandfather.

  9. I have been a paying member for a couple of years. I have not been receiving regular Alabama Pioneers emails and posts. Can you check my acct?

    Thank you.
    Renee Shelfer

    1. Renee, Our records show you are no longer a member. You can just join again.

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