August 4, 1894 – Newspaper Personals and Stories from Hope and Rhodesville, Lauderdale County, Alabama

August 4, 1894 – Newspaper Personals and Stories from Hope and Rhodesville, Lauderdale County, Alabama

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THE TIMES DAILY, August 4, 1894, Florence, Lauderdale County, Alabama.


Hope Happenings

Hope, Alabama, July 28 1894

Mr. Editor: – As I have not seen anything from these parts for quite a while I will write you a word or two. Everything is about as usual, cool nights for sleeping and hot days for the growth of the crops. Farmers are about done their farm work now for a while at least.

Mr. H. O. Fowler is very busy preparing to add some to his dwelling, as he has one boarder and is expecting some others.

The school at B. G. is proggressing {sic} nicely under the management of Mr. L. D. Ruthledge of Iron City, Tenn. We wish him great success with his school of more than forty.

Miss Laura Darby who is teaching at Pleasant Valley, Tenn., was with us on Sunday last.

Misses Ham of Iron City, are visiting their friends, Mr. Nathan Oliver and family.

Mrs Whitlock, of Florence, accompanied by her three little girls, are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Gray.

Sunday July 22 was a day that will be long remembered by the people of old B. G. especially the S. S. as the lesson was of great interest and in succession with this lesson we had a nice and interesting talk by Mrs. L. J. Duncan of Kenton, Tenn., which was highly appreciated and well enjoyed by all present. After S. S. we had preaching by Rev. H. L. Booth. As the day was pleasant there was quite a goodly number out, among the rest were Uncle Joshua Darby and wife. We are always glad to see them at church and know that all the service will be enjoyed by them.

Mrs. G. A. Belew and brother of Texas are visiting their friends of old Lauderdale. They brought a sample of Texas boys with them; yes, baby Haggard is a fine specimen.

Mr. and Mrs. Alloyn Phillips of Savannah, Tenn., are visiting their parents.

We expect our protracted meeting the fourth Sunday in August.

Wishing success to you and your many readers, I am Isabel


July 29, 1894

Editor Times

I will give you a few dots from our neighborhood if you will allow me space in your most excellent paper.

People are through work and crops are fine. The men are making a new church out of old Cannan. We are going to have a nice church some day. We wish to have you all come to our protracted meeting in August.

Miss Mattie Hale spent a few days on Indian creek last week at her grandmother’s, Mrs. Eaton’s, and we were all very much uneasy about her while she was gone, and very sure her Willie Angel was. I think he went to her, McKelroys, while she was gone; he was very much delighted when she returned home. He takes his time about going to Mr. G. A. Hale’s and Mr. McKelroy’s. Will I think you had better hurry up and decide which one you want, Miss Mattie or Miss Josie. I think both places are nice places to go to, I am sure the boys think so. I tell you Will, I don’t blame you for going to both places, for both of those girls are nice and pretty. Mr. Angel is flying around those girls. Mr. W. W. A. is a fine looking fellow himself, and we all know he wants a good looking girl. Mr. Will Angel, and Messrs. Will and Albert McKelroy have gone to Liberty to church today and the girls are very lonesome while they are gone. Cheer up, cheer up, ladies, they will come back. I think the Messrs. McKelroy like to go back up to their old home. I think there are some pretty girls up there, but no prettier than the girls in the bend. There are lots of pretty girls in the Bend. I think Mr. Hamer Reeder and Mr. Will Spain comes to Mr. Joe Polk’s and Mr. W. P. Rice’s very often; there are some pretty girls there I’ll tell you. Yours respectfully, Farmer


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