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GOOD OLE DAYS – Our ancestors loved flowers and knew how to keep them fresh

Some useful household hints for Flowers from an old book!Kerria_japonica_-_flower

1. Cut flowers keep longer if place in leftover tea, weakened with water. This is also good for house plants.

2. Short-stemmed flowers can be kept fresh by placing them in a bowl or vase of sand that is well moistened.

3. A tablespoon of household bleach added to the water in a vase of zinnias will keep the stems from rotting and you will have fresh flowers longer.

4. Put a teaspoon of sugar in vase of marigolds and it will help to eliminate the odor.

5. Cut flowers will keep longer and stay fresher if an aspirin is put in the water.

6. To keep flowers fresh for cemetery. Mix wet sand in container and place flowers in it. Will keep them fresh for a week.

7. To make geraniums bloom, use bloody chicken water.

8. Insert a few rusty nails in the soil around your African violets. The blossoms will be larger, more profuse and will have a brighter color. Keep in north window and water from the bottom

9. Rose bush slips will take root if you stick the stem in a white potato.

10. Did you know that if you pour 2 tablespoons of castor oil around the roots of your Christmas cactus it October it will bloom in December?

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  • Alabama had its first Interstate in the early days of settlement

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