1. There is a wonderful biography of her life…. published sometime in 83 by Nancy Mitford.

  2. The colorful eccentrics come from the South. It’s the heat.

  3. […] Alabama during World War I,  the famous author, F. Scott Fitzgerald, met and fell in love with Zelda Sayre (1900–1948), the daughter of an Alabama Supreme Court justice and the “golden girl”, […]

  4. go to amazon video and watch the pilot for a proposed series about Zelda…then VOTE FOR IT!!! to be produced!!!!

  5. Zelda died in an Asheville, NC facility. Local tour tells the sad story of her death.

  6. I loved their story. I did a paper on them in high school….so many many years ago.

  7. Such a beautiful and tragic couple. The exhibits at the house in Montgomery are wonderful to see.

  8. Thoroughly enjoyed her biography. Smart and independent!

  9. How funny to see this today! I am reading a book about her right now! Lol!

  10. The article neglects to mention that Scott and Zelda’s home in Montgomery is now an international tourist destination and the only museum dedicated to the couple in all of the world. The museum also boasts 2 new Airbnd apartments that allow visitors or artists in residence to comfortably stay overnight or for extended periods on-site at the museum. You can find out more at http://www.thefitzgeraldmuseum.org.

    1. Thank you for the additional information. I added it to the article.

  11. Speaking of the dementia epidemic. Hmmm.

  12. Is she buried in Maple Hill Cemetery in Huntsville AL?

    1. She is buried in Old St. Mary’s Catholic Church Cemetery in Rockville, Maryland.

    2. Sheryl Sallas McBride Thanks. There’s someone here with a similar name. Someone plays her at the annual cemetery walk.

    3. Deborah O’Neal, that sounds so interesting. I have a great aunt that is buried in Maple Hill Cemetery. Her name is Hallie Adams Hendrix. She passed in 1915. Grave is unmarked to my understanding.

  13. Zelda died in the infamous Highland Hospital Fire. Dr. Carroll had formerly cured patients as nurses. He was very manipulative. Zelda was not allowed to wear makeup and not look in mirrors. (Vanity) Dr. Carroll had his medical license taken away years before Zelda’s last stay. (Unethical practices, like injecting horse serum into their backs) The M.D. stood for medical director. The nurse that started the fire was a “former”patient. (She had come to Highland because she started fires.) Willie May Hall was charged for the fire, but it is believed Dr. Carroll had hypnotized her. Dr. Carroll used the Fitzgerald’s and their money taking trips with Zelda to Cuba…..
    So much more to the Zelda story
    I believe her few remaining paintings are in her hometown or Birmingham.

    1. Laura Simms Meigs you can stay at their house here in Cloverdale! It’s on Airbnb!

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