Author: Raymond E. Hall

See all books by Raymond E. Hall at: Raymond E. HallGrew up in rural central Alabama and on Florida's West Coast. Served in USAF in Colorado, Germany, and Libya. Attended St. Petersburg Community College and University of Maryland. Worked with computers with IBM and Burroughs, repairing and programming. Taught electronics school to NATO and SEATO students for USAF, computer process control to advanced students for IBM. In financial institution marketing with FISI in Nashville. Have visited 4 continents, 17 countries, and 49 states. Speak English, German and Spanish. Retired.Have written the"From The Hill" column for and the Tallassee Tribune. Have authored or co-authored "Channahatchee Moon" , Channahatchee Moon II, Channahatchee Alabama 1858", and "Palm Harbor" at AmazonWill soon be publishing fifth book, "For Better or Worse" with co-author Francine Coleman Larson.Love Christ, my wife Linda, Christianity, my son and grandchildren, people, my country, history, geology, and landscape maintenance, in that order.
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