1. would love to see a map where you could find the sites mentioned .

  2. I believe you have a picture of a “yellowhammer” from Britain, Emberiza citrinella, not the state bird of Alabama. The Yellowhammer in the state of Alabama is the Northern Flicker, Colaptes auratus.

  3. Donna,
    I have a handful of original issues of the Alabama Bird Day Book, with the earliest being 1909. It appears that the date of the Bird Day celebration changed with the year, perhaps because the book served as a program to be presented in the public schools (on Fridays it seems). Here are the dates I have
    1909- May 4th
    1910- May 4th
    1911-Missing pages
    1912-May 3rd
    1913-May 4th
    1914-May 1st
    1915-May 7th
    1916-May 5th
    1917-May 4th
    1918-May 3rd
    1920-March 26
    1921- May 4th
    1922- May 5th
    1923-April 27th- indicated earlier date to precede end of the school year
    1930- March 14th

    1. Thanks, Will!

  4. As an assignment in the forth grade, I had to draw picture of this bird.

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