PATRON+ GOOD OLE DAYS: Do you remember trying to diaper a squirming baby using diaper pins?

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  1. Cassandra Nancy Kenfield-Lea

    cool pic of the frat boys, including my granddad’s first cousin (Mosely)..neat

  2. Deanne DeeDee Diggs Williams

    And you ran the pin through your hair to make it go through the diaper easier. Idk why, but it worked though lol.

  3. Caroline Jones Lockridge

    My child wore cloth diapers until he went to daycare when he was 1. Cloth was cheaper and easy in the skin.

  4. Danni Lusk

    Thank goodness it isn’t that difficult to cloth diaper these days! We love our cloth. 🙂

  5. KennethAnd Eulene Stanley Bishop

    Our kids were born in 1963 and 1966 and I never used plastic on them.

  6. Tina Young

    Brittany Young this was cloth diapers back in the day. and sticking yourself was just gonna happen when trying NOT to stick the baby. 🙂

  7. Sue McCalpin Cross

    I remember , used cloth with my 3 .

  8. Wayne Morrison
  9. Hockey Anderson

    Oh yeah! Stuck myself several times…thanks little brother’s. .

  10. Arlee McCoy

    That was a swuirming baby and a cloth diaper…one we had to wash, dry and reuse. The safety pins were tricky. DO NOT hold the pin in your mouth while changing a diaper. Stick them in soap, the pillow or your dress front, but never the mouth. Babies mimic what they see the mother do.

  11. Tanjie Lyon Kling

    I remember that some of the diaper pins had ducks or other characters/animals on the head of the pin. And who could forget those awful plastic pants that went over the cloth diapers?

    1. There’s no forgetting those old rubber pants! The way they used to turn hard and crunchy after many washings and use, and the pink stains that happened around the elastic leg holes and on the seat of the pants! Pee-ew, boy, did they ever stink!

  12. DaleLee Jones

    I never did it but new people who did

  13. Carolyn Morgan

    Stuck myself more times then the diaper lol

  14. Connie Williams
  15. Ann Slay

    More stabbed fingers using the pins. Better we got stick than baby.

  16. Deborah Winters

    diapered all three of mine this way

    1. Margaret Worthington

      Diapered my two this way. Once, after my own were grown with children of their own, I got called into the church nursery, because one baby had cloth diapers, and I looked to be someone who might know what to do with them. 🙂

  17. Martha Pugh

    Used diaper pins on all 4 of mine

  18. Vicki McCoy

    Diaper pins were nothing compared to what was inside the diaper.

  19. Dona Raines

    that wasn’t that long ago. my oldest is 34 and I put cloth diapers on him.

  20. Katherine Kilgore

    They are teaching how to diaper a baby at Auburn??

  21. I remember! Cloth diapers and rubber pants! Babysat growing up, changed many a baby that wore them, then raised my own kids in the same (1980’s through to the mid 90’s)!

    Had two in diapers the whole time, two diaper pails on the go at all times… one for wet-wets, the other for dirties, and diapers and rubber pants hung from my clothesline 2-3 days out of every week!

    Also remember when my kids toilet trained but still had to wear diapers at night. Double diapers and rubber pants!

    Yuppers… swiping those diaper pins through my hair before pinning the diapers, and pulling rubber pants off and on at every diaper change!

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