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FORGOTTEN PHOTOS and unknown people at the Alabama State Archives

I hate to see old unidentified pictures and here are a few I ran across at the ADAH in Montgomery. These are from the Jefferson County, Alabama area. Do you know the names of any of the people in them?  Then please share with others in the reply section under this article.  Use the file number with your comment so readers can identify the picture you are referring to.  Do not email me with your answer. I do not have time to connect your response with the photograph. If you click on the file number, you can also share your information with the Archives.

File Number: Q6892

Information: Copy photo labeled “First school building in Birmingham, Alabama. The first school building would most likely have been built in the 1870s. This photograph appears to be of students from the early twentieth century.first school building in birmingham


File Number: Q42809

Information: Shelby County exhibit at the Alabama State Fair in Birmingham 1913 – exhibit features corn, pumpkins, gourds, cotton bales, and jars of preserves




File Number: Q42803 & Q42804

Information: Children on the playground at Barker School in Birmingham, Alabama, 1913Children_on_the_playground_at_Barker_School_in_Birmingham_Alabama Children2_on_the_playground_at_Barker_School_in_Birmingham_Alabama


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File Number: Q40711

Information: Shubert Theatre Orchestra. H. E. Snow, M’g’r. B’ham, Alabama ca. 1890Shubert Theatre orchestra

This is a more recent one, but names are not included.

File Number: Q46177

Information: Hear and Now singers of Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama – photographer Lee Arnold ca. 1970Hear_and_Now_singers_of_Samford_University_in_Birmingham_Alabama



File number: Q5501

Information: Group of men standing in a flower bed in Flat Top, Alabama ca. 1900




File number: Q5500

Information: Members of the Willing Homemakers Club in Rosedale, Alabama ca. 1900. The girls are holding baked goods and jars of preserves.Members_of_the_Willing_Homemakers_Club_in_Rosedale_Alabama



File number: Q5502

Information: Children in a wading pool at Avondale Park in Birmingham, Alabama ca. 1900. Some of the children are in bathing suits, but most are fully dressed. Photograph by Turner Studio Co.Children_in_a_wading_pool_at_Avondale_Park_in_Birmingham_Alabama


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  1. Looks like they are trying to catch polio! According to my Mothers philosophy!

  2. Q46177 Samford singers the brunette on the front row far right dark pantsuit is Carlene Key from Jasper AL. Don’t know her married name. She graduated high school in 1975 so this is post that

  3. Q46177 Samford singers the brunette on the front row far right dark pantsuit is Carlene Key from Jasper AL. Don’t know her married name. She graduated high school in 1975 so this is post that

  4. I have several old family photos I have no idea who they are

  5. is this in Tarrant City?

  6. My sister and brother in law were in the Hear and Now Singers. I will forward this to them.

  7. Samford “Here & Now Singers”– Front & center (with the beard) is Bob Burroughs, the director. He was a music professor at Samford.

  8. Hear and Now from family member:
    front row: jim ailor, greg sewell, ?, bob Burroughs, randy wright, tom albright, diane lollar ailor

    back row: ken kirby, david patton, glenda cochran, boy, boy, pat davis, gary hornbuckle, lynn phillips, patty lane, randy moore.

  9. In reference to File Number Q46177:

    I was a member of the Hear & Now Singers. I believe this was the 1975-76 year, so the picture would have been taken in 1975. As I recall, we were at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

    The people in the photo are:

    Front row: Walter Draughon (trumpet), Jim Ailor (trombone), Gregg Sewell (student assistant), Patti McConnell (singer), Bob Burroughs (director), Emily Hayes Albright (singer), Randy Wright (keyboards), Tom Albright (singer), Diane Lollar Ailor (sales rep)

    Back row: Ken Kirby (guitar/banjo), David Patton (bass guitar), Glenda Cochran (singer), Mark Schilleci (drums), David Martin (singer), Pat Davis (singer), Garry Hornbuckle (sound tech), Lynn Phillips (public relations), Patty Lane (singer), Randy Moore (singer).

    Not pictured: Jerry Taylor (trumpet), Terry Brown (trombone)

    (The photographer’s name is Lew Arnold, not Lee Arnold.)

  10. JD Weeks Dennis Ray Wingo

    1. I thought you might know the guys in the flower bed at Flat Top.

    2. Looking at the picture is interesting. I was trying to figure out where it was. I have a very vague memory of what may have been that house.

      My great grandfather Crocker at the time was living in Mt. Olive. They had moved to Ft. Smith Arkansas in the 1880’s from the Flat Rock area, which is near where the old road to Bessie mines hits flat top road. Don’t know too much about the other branches of the family and where they were at during this time. Some were out by Bagley as my great great grandfather had married a Bagley…

    3. So intersting Dennis. I knew your family had deep roots around the Flat Top area.

    4. Yea, we had one of the original land grant allocations on the hill to the left right off of Flat Top road. Right next to the old strip pit. We owned 1280 acres there, with mineral rights. The family lost it in 1930 when my great grandfather was murdered in Mt. Olive. Only 10 million tons of coal taken out of the land!

      The Crockers were some of the very first white folk in our part of western Jefferson county.

    5. Omg! This is interesting Dennis!

  11. It would take a higher resolution to ID individuals….the folks that could recognize anyone is thinning out every day.

  12. I agree. It’s sad but true.

  13. Looks like all boys to me…..I don’t think it was proper back then……to swim together….

  14. Q46177

    Front row, to the right of the trombone, in the light shirt: Gregg Sewell

  15. This picture looks like the pool in Oak Park in Montgomery Al.

    1. I thought the same, 1960 and before. there was also a little zoo near it

    2. The children in the picture is supposed to be Avondale Park in Birmingham according to the Alabama Department of Archives and History. No idea what the even was and why they were all dressed. There is a link to the picture at the Archives in the story at:

  16. I have some interesting photos from Alabama that I have no idea who they are. Can I submit?

    1. Yes, we’ll take a look at them and post any that appropriate for the site. Submit them to [email protected]


  18. enjoy these pics… husband’s Grandfather was Ned C. Wallace and his Grandmother was Jennie Howard Wallace .. their daughter Maud Wallace was born in 1889 in Lauderdale Co. She was my husband’s MOM. Maud’s first husband was Ben Rice whom she married about 1912….don’t know what happened to that marriage…I FOUND 2 Ben Rice’s ..1 was killed by a dynamite explosion while building the Wilson Dam……..don’t think she was married to that one at the time., if it was that Ben at all………think they divorced, as Ben married again, and so did Maud…..we were back in Florence in 2002 and 2003.. ..loved it there……I did find out about Jennie back then….wish I could find a picture of her…..have done a lot of background info on my husband’s family…Amazing family on both sides…..P.S. my husband passed away in March of this year….after 66 years of marriage……

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