1. Kathy Anderson – dad always loved the Forks of Cypress, and had a table that was salvaged from the fire. Thought you’d find this interesting.

    1. I remember that table at your Grandparent’s house 🙂 great treasure! I hope at least one of your little ones is a history buff like us 🙂

    2. Kathy Anderson Jacob is somewhat, Joey not at all, Alexis too young to tell

  2. James Jackson had a daughter by one of his slaves her name was Queen. Its a really good movie based on Alex Haley’s book. I have lived here all my life and have always found the forks of cypress fascinating.

    1. I believe I saw the grave-site of Queen in the cemetery in Savannah. Tn—

  3. My grandfather owned The Forks before it burned down.Cool place to stay in. I wish we had sprinkled it before the fire. what a shame.

  4. Who can I get in touch with to allow me permission to Photograph the grounds of Forks Of Cypress? My e-mail will be attached for a respond to this and thank you for all who will help me. Nothing will be disturbed on the grounds and would like to take this sometime just before dusk. I live in Lawrenceburg Tennessee.

    1. Lightning Rods could have prevented too!

  5. […] Jackson house W. N. Manning, Photographer, FEB. 2, 1934. Forks of Cypress, Florence, Lauderdale County, […]

  6. […] my last, the surprizing wealth of this place. The principal gentlemen of wealth are General Coffee, James Jackson, Esq., Major McKinley,1 and Messrs. Simpson and Gaither. Of these J. Jackson is said to lie not […]

  7. […] of cemetery looking west W. N. Manning, Photographer, FEB. 2, 1934. Forks of Cypress, Florence, Lauderdale County, […]

  8. Dell Taylor Edwards Taylor Edwards

  9. Had the pleasure of seeing several times in my youth h with cousins before it burned. Such a treasure lost

    1. Frank Porter my late father talked of watching it burn. Sounds as if several folks, including he and some of his brothers, made a time of it by just standing by and watching it go down. He later was owner of an end table that my grandparents had somehow acquired from the house. Not sure where the table ended up but it was beautiful…

    2. Philip Anderson We went back soon after and was just sick.Before the fire antiques were sold and were beautiful. We often went over to the walled cemetery and explored around; beautiful piece of history!!

  10. Played on the porch around the columns as a child several times. So sad when it burned.

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