1. Donna, I really enjoy all the articles on this site. In fact, I save them and sit and read them during quiet times. A cousin of mine who died about two years ago, and who had a phenomenal memory, used to take us for “historical” drives in Jefferson and Walker Counties. On one of those drives, he took us by what he said was the oldest church in Alabama. It was a little white church near Hwy. 65 in either Gardendale, Morris, or even Fultondale. Have you ever heard of this? (I would check it out, but I live in another state far from Alabama.)

  2. He was my grandfathers grandfather. The Elders my father came from are from Sand Mountain. I wonder how many children the preacher here had and what their names were.

    1. Hello Bob I just wanted to let you know the Rev Elder in this artical was my 3rd great grandfather. I have some information about this branch of the Elder family.

      1. Whoa..sorry for the delay. Haven’t been on this site in awhile. Thanks for the response. How can I read this information? Have you heard of “Whit” Elder? Heard he was my Grand Daddies (Wyach Malone Elder) father. Thanks a million!