1. I’m a great, great grandchild of Richard Joseph Sims from “Old China Grove”. Carolyn Louis Sims born 1828 was his mother.

  2. I have a minor correction here. Mastin Asbury Hinson son of William and Martha Ann Pugh Hinson, married LUCINDA Rushing, not Lula Rushing. They were married on October 5, 1865, at Troy. They moved to Texas about 1903 and settled at Mart, Limestone County, Texas. Mastin and Lucinda are buried in Prairie Hill, Texas.

    Colonel William C. Oates of the 15th Alabama mentions Joseph Warren Harris in his famous history of the war, “”The War Between the Union and the Confederacy and Its Lost Opportunities, with a History of the 15th Alabama Regiment and the 48 Battles in Which It Was Engaged.” He wrote of Joseph Harris: “Joseph Harris was sixteen years old when enlisted on September 15, 1864. Though he came in late and at an early age, he made a good soldier and fought through to the surrender. There is a photo in the book that was taken at a reunion of the 15th Alabama and Joseph Harris is listed as one of the men in it.

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