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  1. William Nabors

    Took the Miss Ala, from Fayette to Birmingham to see you relatives many times as a kid. Grey Hound once in a while. Birmingham hub was really a busy place.

    1. I remember them. The MissAla Stages. They used the old Trailways depot at 4th Ave. No. & 19th St. I worked in the General Electric facility in Irondale in the early 60s. We shipped out parts all over the southeast. If you wanted it fast in those days, it was shipped by bus. Practically everything going anywhere between Jasper, Ala. and Tupelo Miss., went bus freight on MissAla.

  2. Cynthia Stack Harmon

    the bus in this picture looks like the kind my dad rode in the early 40’s to school in Grand Island, NY

  3. Sam Harris

    My father ( and his family I think) drove the one in the Ridge Grove community in Dudleyville, Alabama in the early 1930s

  4. Sherry Christian

    I came to Alabama by bus in 1983 & have been ever since

  5. My longest bus trip was between Mobile & San Francisco while in the Navy (1948-49). I rode the school bus between Stapleton & Bay Minette 1942-48; one year my cousin Herman Dean drove the bus while he was a senior (and before losing his life in Italy during WWII).

  6. I loved the streetcars. Thank Heaven Birmingham kept them until 1953.

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