Milly was alone in the wilderness of Montgomery, Alabama in 1792

Have you ever heard or read about Milly, who was alone in the wilderness of Montgomery, Alabama in 1792? Many streets in Montgomery are named after her.

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Below is the introduction and table of contents to the first book ALABAMA FOOTPRINTS Exploration: Lost & Forgotten Stories (Volume 1) First Edition


From the time of the discovery of American to the time of DeSoto’s daring expedition, restless, resolute, and adventurous men crossed oceans in pursuit of their destiny.

The beginning of the Sixteenth Century was noted for illustrious monarchs that held dominion in Europe. These were Henry VIII of England, Francis I of France, Charles V of Spain, Leo X, Pope of Rome, and Solyman the Magnificent, Sultan of Turkey. These were, says the illustrious Scottish historian Robertson, “each of them possessed of talents that might have rendered any age wherein they happened to flourish conspicuous.”

Young men of more than ordinary talent were controlling the affairs of Europe in the 1500’s. Leo became Pope in 1513, and, if not young, was still in the prime of life. Francis became king of France in 1513, then twenty-one years of age. Charles, born in 1500, became king of Spain in 1516, on the death of his grandfather Ferdinand, having as Regent in Spain for twenty months. In 1519 Charles V was elected Emperor of Germany. And in 1520, the year in which Raphael died, Suleiman “the Magnificent” took over the Turkish empire.

At the same time, the Feudal System was beginning to die and the Middle Ages were giving way to modern times. It is not strange that in such an age great enterprises were undertaken in the New World.

This book includes stories of their explorations and the initial settlement of what would become the future state of Alabama.

Table of Contents

Spanish Explorers

  1. De Soto’s Interpreter was almost roasted by the Indians
  2. De Soto Was Refused Indian Maidens To Accompany Him
  3. The People Of Maubilla – Exterminated

French Explorers

  1. First Mardi Gras in America
  2. Alabama Belonged to France for Sixty-five Years
  3. The Mississippi Bubble Burst

Revolutionary War

  1. Alabama’s First Indian Agents
  2. Royalists Settle In Alabama
  3. James Willing and his Band Left a Trail of Devastation Seldom Equaled
  4. The American Revolution Fought in Alabama?

Early Immigrants To Alabama

  1. Rachel Donelson, Wife of President Andrew Jackson, Was A Pioneer Of Madison County, Alabama
  2. Injured, Robbed and Traveling On Foot, They Still Made It To Alabama In 1791
  3. Sophia McGillivray – A Remarkable Woman
  4. North Carolinians Preserve and Finally Arrive in Alabama
  5. Milly, Alone In The Wilderness Of Montgomery, Alabama In 1792
  6. Montgomery County, Alabama Inhabited By Some Interesting Characters

Living With The Native Americans

  1. Some Of The Alabama Pioneers Captured And Ransomed By The Native Americans
  2. Surveying Alabama Trading Houses Established
  3. Mississippi Territory Created Governor Blount Ousted First School Opened
  4. They Made Sure The Knot Was Tied Securely
  5. A Unique Native American Way To Settle A Land Dispute

Civilization Arrives

  1. Religion, Patriotism, Laws And Civilization
  2. The Federal Road – Alabama’s First Interstate
  3. Streets Paved with Brick and Stone
  4. Native Americans Deceived by British

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About Donna R Causey

Donna R. Causey, resident of Alabama, was a teacher in the public school system for twenty years. When she retired, Donna found time to focus on her lifetime passion for historical writing. She developed the websites www.alabamapioneers and www.daysgoneby.me All her books can be purchased at Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble. She has authored numerous genealogy books. RIBBON OF LOVE: A Novel Of Colonial America (TAPESTRY OF LOVE) is her first novel in the Tapestry of Love about her family where she uses actual characters, facts, dates and places to create a story about life as it might have happened in colonial Virginia. Faith and Courage: Tapestry of Love (Volume 2) is the second book and the third FreeHearts: A Novel of Colonial America (Book 3 in the Tapestry of Love Series) Discordance: The Cottinghams (Volume 1) is the continuation of the story. . For a complete list of books, visit Donna R Causey

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