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Old News abstracts from the Centreville Press, Bibb County, Alabama

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News abstracts from the Centreville Press

February 22, 1900

Married at the residence of the bride’s father, Miss Moline Jones of Rocky Neighborhood to Walter C. Pratt of River Bend, Wednesday evening at 2 o’clock p.m. After the ceremony the bride and groom returned to their future home in River Bend. The river being very high they were forced to cross in a canoe, this doubtless they accomplished with fear and trembling. They took supper at home with a nice crowd of their relatives, who had assembled there to bid the new bride welcome to her new home.

After supper the newly married couple attended the River Bend prayer meeting after which they returned to their home.

About 10 o’clock they were saluted with a serenade that one of our old residents said sounded more like a rebel charge than anything he had heard since the battle of Manassas. We have been informed that the newly married couple have received quite a number of bridal presents. We feel safe in saying that our community all join in together in extending them our heartfelt congratulations and hope they may live a long happy life together.


Mr. J. L. Ferguson has bought the old Steele place which is situated about three and a half miles from town. He intends to move out and spend the summer month.


A new cement sidewalk is being put down in front of the bank. Every time any kind of improvement is started on the building, it turns freezing cold. The experiment will have to be tried in August.

February 20, 1919 – Centreville Press, Bibb County, Alabama

Mrs. J. I. Logan was badly burned on Sunday evening about six-o’clock while preparing supper on an oil stove. Some way the stove exploded, throwing oil over her and in a few seconds she was in a blaze. She had the presence of mind to wrap herself in a comfort in the adjoining room, and this probably saved her life. As it is, her burns are very painful on the limbs and hands, but not necessarily fatal. Mrs. Logan will be confined to her bed for some time with her injuries.

The alarm of fire was turned in and friends reushed to the assistance of the family who extinguished the blaze, and a doctor was soon on the scene, and her wounds dressed.


Mrs. W. T. Reaves has gone down on the plantation with her son, Raymond. Mr. Reaves will remain in Centreville with the other children so they can attend school.



On the 5th day of February (1919) at the home of Mr. W. H. Cottingham, Miss Althea Pratt and Mr. Reed Griffin were united in marriage. Rev. C. Bates performed the ceremone that united these popular young people.

Both the young people were raised adjacent to Centreville, and have a wide circle of friends who extend them congratulations and best wishes for a long and happy future.


On February 24, 1949 Centreville Press, Bibb County, Alabama


Mr. Ben Arnold, Jr. of California is visiting their daughter, Mrs. Robert Hollifield.

Misses Annie Joe Hale and Ruby Jean Aultman of Marion attended the dance at Vance, Saturday night with Mr. Leo Hobson and Dub Murphy.

Mr. and Mrs. John Goodson and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Belcher left last Thursday for a visit to Florida and Louisiana. While they are away they epect to visit South America.

Mrs. Joe McCalla, Miss Sylvia McCalla, Miss Mary sue Funderburk, Robert Goodson, Jr. and Dorman Avery went to Birmingham last Wednesday night to see “Joan Of Arc”

As I conducted research for interesting stories to publish and/or post on my Alabama Pioneers website, I continually found buried genealogy information, such as marriages, deaths, etc. that I knew would be of great benefit to family researchers, but it was hidden so well that most search engines would not find it. I decided to collect this information rather than disregard it until I could decide how to best share it with researchers in Ebooks. This is volume 1 of these books.



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