1. No the brats of today don’t do that. Most are latch key kids that raise their selves

    1. I have 9 grandchildren and all of them have excellent manners. Not all children of today are brats. You need to spend more time with our younger generation. You only hear about the bad children of today and not the good one. I would hate to try and bring up children in today society.

    2. Themselves.

  2. Not a single one not even my brats

  3. In divorce my kids were from.piller to.post and anything I tried to teach them their daddy was set against

  4. Politeness forced you to consider others first

  5. I was raised this way and taught it to my children.

  6. no, because parents don;t teach them anymore

  7. I tried to teach mine to have some good manners! As adults, they still have some of what they were taught! I can’t speak for anyone else, but most children of today have NO idea what manners and respect are!

  8. Very sad in todays world, I have relatives that visit and don’t say “Hello” when they arrive or “goodbye” when they leave, I rarely hear “thank you” or be adressed has Mr. or hear Mrs. I was raised different to be respectful and courteous. I think one problem might be that when we were growing up we were taught “RESPECT” because we were kids we were not always shown respect, In todays world kids are shown respect and treated has equals to their parents but are not taught respect.

  9. I was raised this way in the forties and fifties. Taught my two sons and am glad to say that my grandchildren are this way.

  10. I was surprised to find that some people from outside the south thought my children were being “smart” with them when they said Yes sir or mam!!! I guess we were the last to lose good manners.

  11. Don’t know many adults who do this either.

  12. My grandmother would NEVER forget if someone failed to speak to her! That was it…she didn’t like you! Lol

  13. We never called our elders by their first names, never sat in on their conversations. And if you sassed an elder you better be well out of reach, even then you caught it when you came back in.

  14. This was not just the 1930’s – these were also the standard common volutes things southerns followed up through the 70’s. And in the 80’s we taught our kids the same manners, as they got into high school things changed. But some of us still expect to see our children follow such rules. It is just plain polite. It does not cost anything, but it is a way of showing respect for others.

  15. This was the way I was raised.

  16. Mine did as younger boys

  17. Let’s go back to this

  18. I will wait till people stop talking before I speak…. This was ingrained in my head

  19. Should add… children should be seen not heard.

  20. I was taught those things. Still do them as well.

  21. We had a wagon wheel like this was our Merry go round.

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