PATRON + Do you know the definitions of Carpetbaggers and Scalawags?

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  1. Thomas Bagby

    Goes well with the definition of “Yankee” and “Damn Yankee”. A Yankee comes to visit, a Damn Yankee stays.

  2. […] we had little trouble with them until the arrival of the Carpetbaggers. The result of this rule is too well known for me to say more. However, I will mention a few of the […]

  3. Donna Thomas

    You find this part of history taught in public school.

  4. Do they still teach about this…really? I’m surprised. If so, do they also tell of the sufferings of the people from this allowed punishment? Just curious.

  5. Of the two, the scalawag was the worst because he was usually a native-born Alabamian who turned against his own people. Nothing worse than being called a scalawag in the South, unless it is damn-yankee.


    1. No Ellen, I dis agree. A Scalawag is a lot worst than a Damn Yankee any day of the week. That and they smell a lot worst than a three day old dead Polecat.

  6. Billie Wilson

    When you were taught this, never thought , one day you will know what this means.

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