1. Donald Roy Chappell


  2. Susan Crowley

    My ancestor was one of them: Abner A Hughes, who later was a Col in the 48th Al Rgt during the Civil War.

  3. Anthony Taylor

    The man in my profile picture was one of them along with my 4th great uncle and his brother Thomas and David Walker

  4. William Windy Wingard

    I think my brother enlisted to

  5. Proud to see one of my family names, YOUNGBLOOD, on the list of one year volunteers.

  6. Alabamians volunteered in large numbers to fight against Mexico when war came over the annexation of Texas, but only this single regiment, a battalion, and several independent companies actually were received into federal service from the state. During its eleven months of service, the 1st Alabama lost only one man in battle but 150 died from disease.

    1. My ggg-grandpa Pvt Milo Cinncinatus Curry was in Co. C 1st Ala. Vol. Regiment. His brother in law Pvt. Archibald A. Henry was of the ones who died of disease. He was buried by the Rio Grande. Milo received a pension for his service .

      1. My GGG Grand Father served in this unit Company F under Jones William P Thomas . Looking for what this unit did outside the Veracruz assault with Gen Taylor .

        So sons serve in this unit during the Civil War Sgt. James A Thomas Co. H

  7. Ann Wilson Redford

    Love your posts on Alabama Pioneers, Tanjie. That’s going to be the theme of our 2017 camp.

  8. Wm Flake Joiner

    Does a list exist of the communities, villages, and towns in Alabama that were renamed reflecting the names of places in Mexico where the USA soldiers served? There is ‘Perote’ in Bullock County, ‘Catalpa’ in Pike County; I’m sure that there are others.

    1. The north Alabama town of Allgood, in Blount County, was originally named by one or two veterans of the Battle of Chapultepec who settled there following their tour of duty. It is said they did so because it reminded them of the land on which the battle took place. In later years, a local lime manufacturert said the name was difficult to use in verbal and written correspondence. So, eventually, the name was changed to Allgood, after the town’s postmaster.

  9. Thanks again, Donna, for an interesting article.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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