Patron+ In early Alabama every free white male – 16 to 50 was subject to serve in the military

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  1. KelbyMelanie Russell

    We’d be in sad shape if that were the case today!

  2. Rita Hughes

    One of my GG Grandfathers was over 50, captured at Missionary Ridge.

  3. Parley Johnson

    a privilege in my humble opinion… It should be required that all High School graduates should serve in the National Guard for two years to finalize their HS diploma … now that would make some great citizens… wouldn’t it?

  4. Lucia Hixon Hicks

    When you think about the average life span 150 +/- years ago, 50 would have been getting fairly old!

  5. Wendell Watkins

    Ought to be that way now

  6. I wish It had names in it.

  7. Dennis Fountain

    One of my great grandfathers was a state senator in AL and conscription officer during the civil war charged with drafting many of the men that fought. As the laws were changed he and most other large land owners were exempted from sercice

  8. Dennis Fountain

    It cost him his life as a man whom he’d drafted 3 separate times shot and killed him rather than return to service. My grandfather was Noah Fountain and his killer was called “Speckled” Ward.

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