PATRON + This personal diary of Alabama pioneers from 1816 reveals what life was like in surveying the wilderness of Alabama for a place to settle

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  1. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Where did he finally settle?

  3. Just like a man to get lost, needed a woman with him She would have found some one to directions from

  4. I grew up not far from the area he crossed, the cut off in western Jefferson county. I will vouch that his description is absolutely correct. The ridge and valley is broken land of bluffs, steep ridges, deep hollows with branches and creeks with very little to offer in flat arable deep soils for farming.

  5. I used to tell folks I invited to hunt with me to bring and extra pair of legs because they were going to wear their’s slap out.

  6. I used to pass through my father’s fields, venture a short ways into the woods (until I got scared), and as soon as he finished plowing the fields, search around the ground edging the woods. A creek (we called “the Branch”) ran below, I would find turquoise, arrowheads, etc., from what must have been an Indian encampment. I wonder if Mr. Breckenridge crossed this branch with its limestone cave that ran into the Warrior River.

  7. Thanks for the story…

  8. He apparently made it out and found a place to settle because he lived on for another quarter century. I love that he kept making references to Ditto’s Landing which was my ancestor’s home and business.

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