1. closing Cheaha during the fall?? whose bright idea was that? Yes, I saw it is open on the weekends but I like less crowds during the week.

    1. The lodge and restaurant will only operate on weekends. I don’t believe they are closing the whole park. At least not at this time.

  2. Oh, it will still be Alabama the Beautiful, it will just be that no one will be able to see it after they close the parks. Sad.

  3. More “tax consumers” than “tax payers” has finally kicked in I see.

    1. The problem is tax evaders. Our state taxes go to corporations. Big business gets huge tax breaks and the poor in our state are left trying to fit the bill with more consumer taxes. Please do some research.

    2. Its not tax evaders. What you saying is crazy. We are a welfare state plain and simple. More money goes to welfare than should. Period. The tax payers are tired of forking out their hard earned money for this baloney called welfare. The truth is we don’t have anyone man enough to bite the bullet in this state or the whole country and stop the fleecing of those who are paying for al this free stuff.

    3. So yah, tax CONSUMERS is an accurate term.

  4. I love WEOGULFKA….Flag Mt. Janet Pope does also!

  5. Use of the word “irony” to describe the situation is useless in Alabama.

  6. The federal government has put to many entitlements in place and shafted us the problem was not caused by the states

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