1. Wow. I need to research my family history a little more.

  2. This is an awesome video but I really resent the constant use of the term “rebel” to describe them. The Confederacy was not in rebellion. Each state duly elected representatives to a secession convention in their state. There was debate and discussion and then a vote. The states who voted to leave the union had no desire or intent to invade the union or to the change the union in any way other than they were leaving….just like the colonists in 1776 held conventions and voted to leave the British Empire. The Confederates were not rebels.

  3. A large percentage of my family made this move.

  4. Your missing ancestor may be in Brazil.

  5. Betsy Deakle Stanley

  6. Well seeing how Brazil didn’t abolish slavery until 1888 the fact that Pedro offered asylum is unsurprising.

  7. Don Green, (Don Pedro Green) this about your people!

  8. Articles on Emigration to Brazil are being clipped and shared with members on Newspapers.com
    I have newspaper clippings from June 1866: Dr. Cyrmes [of Enon, Ala.] A Trip to Mexico. The Country Viewed with an Eye to Settlement Therein (Letters), Daily Columbus Enquirer that I am happy to share with you if you send an e-mail address.
    Eugenia [email protected]

  9. This is the monument to the Confederates who founded the colony of Americana,Brazil on a visit by President Carter. J.

  10. Bunch of them went too

  11. We’ve been there. I am interviewed in WBRC’s documentary on ‘Os Confederados’! Wonderful people and very proud of their Southern roots. Until recently the older ones still had thick Southern accents. They made a 1,2,3,4 cake for me and stove top cornbread among other Southern dishes! They punctuated their speech with ‘ya heah’?, but never used y’all’.

  12. There is a Confederate Mexicano organization in the US too. Many people don’t know that Mexico sided with the Confederacy