PATRON + Native Americans moved voluntarily at first

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  1. Alex R. Moore

    If the Red Sticks had not attacked Fort Mims, I believe Alabama’s demographics today would be much more brown/mixed race. Assimilation of whites and natives were well underway by the early 1800’s. Cherokees had become farmers and many white men had taken Indian wives.

    1. Clem Clapp

      Alex R. Moore perhaps, but politically, the Creeks and other Indians had sided in trade and war with just about anyone (French, British and Spanish) besides the new Americans who were pushing them around and out following our revolutionary war. The Red Sticks organized due to this. They were basically a conquered people and didn’t like the way things were going. No easy answers. Interesting speculation anyway.

  2. Steven Garrison

    Andrew Jackson was a bad man.

  3. Adam Wirth

    Many of the blacks that live in Oklahoma today are descendants of slaves of the Cherokee.

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