1. My dad worked for the WPA during the depression. The WPA and CCCs built bridges, state park facilities, etc. The CCCs built the rock wall on the road to Waterloo. They learned how to do things and had self esteem. Part of the Greatest Generation. Young people were given an opportunity to work to sustain themselves. Now the government provides for them and nothing is required. They can watch tv all day or whatever. They learn no skills bBefore someone gets upset, I am not talking about people who are suffering hardship and need temporary help until they can do better; or people who are physically or mentally unable to work.

  2. My Grandfather was in it!

  3. Camp Grist, near Selma, was built by the CCC

  4. My dad and mother lived in a camp near Heflin where my brother was born! It is wonderful to learn about how the CCC came to be.

  5. my dad also worked for the 3c’s….

  6. My grandmother’s family was poor even before the Depression hit, so it hit them especially hard. She told me that she, as the oldest, quit school because she had younger brothers and sisters who might have starved otherwise. She was the only one to get a job, and she was hired by an Anniston cotton mill. Her brothers went to work for the CCC, and they built the fire tower on top of Cheaha Mountain as well as the roads and other buildings that are still in use today.

  7. Ended due to the draft?

  8. J.R. Lewis (from Birmingham)
    CCC – Diamond Lake Oregon

    Nancy Lewis Moore
    Grady Lambert
    Heather L Karriker
    Valerie Bierley

  9. Smith mountain tower was constructed by CCC

  10. Mound state park museum was constructed by the ccc

    1. In Moundville, Alabama. Sorry I forgot to include that.

  11. There was one near Greenville,when Mother died we found Daddy cc card,

  12. My grandfather worked in the CCC group that built Cheaha State Park.

  13. It was a life savior for many men.