1. I think it should read “Historic Village Point Preserve”

    1. Thanks, corrected now.

  2. Alright Rodney Lawson must read must visit

  3. Jackson was know to sit in a lot of different trees, which one is this?

  4. The tree would say: “we should had dropped more limbs on those two legged termites”.

  5. Jessica Erwin Masirovits, Alabama post

  6. Daphne Bates town in Alabama has same name as you

    1. Lived 1/2 mile from there once! Miss it!!!

  7. You mean Tubman’s Oak don’t you?

  8. I have been there,it is a beautiful park.

  9. Listen to the wind blow and know your history and you’ll know the stories

  10. Wasn’t there a Jackson’s Oak near Horseshoe Bend Military Park in Tallapoosa County as well?