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Biography: Andrew Barnwell Miley, Sr. born January 20, 1818

Happy Birthday! ANDREW BARNWELL MILEY, SR. BIOGRAPHY and GENEALOGY (1818-1896) Covington County, Alabama Andrew Barnwell Miley was born January 20, 1818, in Barnwell, Barnwell…

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On January 16, 1967, Lurleen Wallace was inaugurated as Alabama’s first female governor

"Lurleen Wallace was inaugurated as Alabama's first female governor--and only the third nationwide--as an estimated 150,000 look on. Wallace succeeded her husband George C. Wallace, who…


Patron+ Simpson Manuscript – Names & details of the ordinance passed on January 11th to dissolve the union between Alabama and US

Patron+ member story  – Click …/ Join our Alabama Patron community to unlock this story and support the creation of a living and true history of Alabama!  Excerpt…