1. […] W. Hill, graduate of Auburn and later assistant professor of mechanics and […]

  2. […] At its Apex this town had collegiate institutes. Finishing schools an military academy, classic churches and stately home in 1854 John Bowles Glenn, let here to establish a school at Auburn and became its first resident of the board of trustees. This school in successive changes became Auburn University. […]

  3. Ms Donna this is great, I would like to know more !! Thanks !! Have a happy Thanksgiving !! And a Merry Christmas !! WDE !!

  4. We know this st. Park well our very good friend John Oldman is the best camp host at this park and they have a vintage classic campout the second weekend of April every year with an open house on that Saturday, you should visit this park, and if you do tell John Hi for us

  5. […] all started when Dr. Miller Reese Hutchison, a native of Montrose, Alabama and a graduate of Alabama Polytechnic Institute in 1897 donated wireless equipment to his Alma Mater in […]

  6. Need CCC now instead of handouts for legal and illegal folks. Wopk or no food

    1. actually goverment works like this is’ent a bad idea for today….works projects could be made to improve our infrastruture..but alas some would scream about how we don’t need big goverment….involed in a labor fore…it worked in the 1930’s and 40’s it could work today

  7. that first film’s worth the time just to hear the alma mater sung.

  8. Alabama Polytechnical Institute (API) – War Eagle

  9. That is really a cool film

  10. Robert Williamson me thinks the CCC may have built and/or improved many parks around the State of Alabama …

  11. My Daddy, Wilbern Bray, worked in a CCC camp in Guntersville, AL,

  12. Loved the pics of Auburn from 1937 – my dad graduated in engineering from AU in 1938 – and was in ROTC – so hoped he was one of the ones drilling in the film!! A lifetime Auburn fan – not sure he ever quite forgave me for going to U of Alabama!

  13. […] and Scott and the Reverend John Bowles Glenn encouraged the local congregation to establish the East Alabama Male College, a Methodist institution that began classes in 1859 and served as the forerunner of Auburn […]

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  15. TommyandKay Whitman, thought you might like this

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  20. My husband attended Auburn, we both enjoyed seeing this. Thank you for posting.

  21. […] nephew, Associate Justice Thomas C. McClellan, Judge Daniel Coleman; President C. C. Thach of the Alabama Polytechnic Institute, James W. Sloss, organizer of the Sloss Sheffield Steel & Iron Co.; Luke Pryor, lawyer and […]

  22. My supervisor in the 70s graduated in about 1949 after the Navy. He told about greasing the RR tracks so opposing football teams and fans on a train would slide about 1/4 mile down the track from the station and have to walk back.

  23. It’s a historical institute. It’s campus is so beautiful.

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