Author: Arthur Art E. Green

Arthur "Art" E. Green grew up at Tyler, AL on US 80 east of Selma. He was born 1937 and now lives in Mobile. His grandfather, John C. Green, served in the Confederate Army in Co. B of the 38th Alabama Infantry. Art is the author of several books, Southerners at War: The 38th Alabama Infantry Volunteers Gracie's Pride: The 43rd Alabama Infantry Volunteers ; Too Little Too Late: Compiled Military Service Records of the 63rd Alabama Infantry CSA with Rosters of Some Companies of the 89th, 94th and 95th Alabama Militia CSA ; Southern Boots and Saddles: The Fifteenth Confederate Cavalry C.S.A., First Regiment Alabama and Florida Cavalry, 1863-1865 - the 15th Confederate Cavalry CSA and Mobile Confederates From Shiloh to Spanish Fort: The Story of the 21st Alabama Infantry Volunteers Each contains a abstracted Service Record of each man who served in the regiment. His website is
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Days Gone By - stories from the past

AUTHOR SUNDAY: Ain’t No Spring Chickens, [story, pictures & song] are sure to bring back memories to many in Alabama

(Do you remember mail and chickens being delivered by train? This is a cute story that will bring back memories. Enjoy the song at the end.)…

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AUTHOR SUNDAY – The old corduroy road still runs quietly through the woods of Alabama but is not recognized for what it is

ALONG THE CORDUROY ROAD The old home place stood among large oak trees at the top of a hill, more of a rise actually,…