Author: Peggy Sue Harmon

At age twelve, my Mother, younger brother and I relocated to the San Francisco/Bay Area from Kimberly, Alabama, where many years later I met and married my dear husband, a Minnesota boy. His Mother and mine were immediate best friends, so both sides were very happy with our marriage. We raised two wonderful daughters, and now have five beautiful grandchildren. Upon both of us retiring from our jobs, we chose Arizona for retirement. We enjoy flying our beautifully restored airplane all over this wonderful country of ours. This privilege allows for my husband's enjoyment of flying and my enjoyment of discovering the details of both our family's genealogy, not to mention the chance to view from above the beautiful topography of this country. We've travelled to other countries many times, but still believe the United State of America's scenic geography cannot be surpassed!
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Days Gone By - stories from the past

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