1. Do any of this article’s sources happen to mention the existence of the Birmingham community in Jackson County, Alabama? It’s shown on an 1862 military map of the area.

  2. My relatives settled Arlington.

    1. When I get letters during the Civil War, they are addressed as Elyton Alabama.

  3. The article never did say where the name Elyton came from or why and when the city was named Birmingham.

  4. Your very nice video about the railroads in Birmingham says that the Terminal Station was demolished in 1929. The station was demolished in 1969.


  5. Terminal was taken down in mid 1970’s not 1969

  6. Clarice Milner Baggett is this one of your relatives?

    1. not sure, my parents both came from N.Texas; older generations probably from the South, one I know of from So. Carolina in Rev. War.

  7. I enjoyed the article and the film.

  8. Still makes me so mad that they tore down that beautiful train terminal!

  9. I walked the protest march and worked with the effort to save the station. As you know we lost the battle…typical Birmingham and Alabama politics that continue to erode the city and by default the suburbs………………

  10. Me too! I remember leaving Bham for StAugustine, Fla. as a small boy in the fifty’s.

  11. I would love to live in Elyton villiage