1. I really hate seeing beautiful architecture like this destroyed for a “parking garage”.. SMH

  2. I agree with Jason, so sad.

  3. Many gorgeous old buildings in Mobile Al. were torn down for parking lots! That makes me so angry! What a waste! This building in Birmingham was spectacular!

  4. Would have been nice to see this today. What shape was it in when torn down? When was it torn down?

    1. Click on the picture or link and you will see more pictures of it through the years.

  5. Sad it’s no longer there……

  6. I’m from Birmingham and I do not remember this building.

  7. I do not remember this either,must have been early 1900’s

    1. Yes, it was one of the first large buildings in 1900s. Click on the link to see more pictures and info. about it.

  8. Over the years, City Planners in Birmingham have a reputation of destroying classic architecture, ie: the Birmingham Train Terminal among others. It seems to me that greed is more important that our City’s history.

  9. Wow ! Who knew? Sad it’s gone now.

  10. The same corner in 2015

    1. Yuck! So unattractive! Cheapens the look of this corner!!!!

  11. Wow what a sad difference in then and now.

  12. What a gorgeous building! I didn’t know this. It has always been a parking deck when I worked downtown.

  13. Shame, shame. Wish it could still be seen in that majestic state.

  14. Had relatives who resided in the Morris Hotel (Room 314) till it was razed. He worked at the L&N office across the street, she taught school at the Paul Hayne School. May happy memories of visits there. Street cars ran by all day and night and we could watch the sparks as they crossed the intersection. Was entertained by the elevator operators in the old cage type elevators who would ride us up and down whenever we asked. I well remember the big 7-UP sign atop the bldg. Also remember that the streets in downtown had metal inserts driven into the pavement at crosswalks and they had the 7-UP logo on them. They moved to the old Ridgely Apartment Bldg when the hotel was razed.

    1. I was born there in 1929 and as a young child I still remember riding the street cars from that corner out to East Lake. The street cars would almost rock me to sleep.

  15. We have a picture of construction workers (pipe fitters?) dated July 25,1907 at the Morris Hotel in Birmingham, AL. Someone could probably identify the men…,

  16. Now its just a Memory.

  17. Oh, well I can see why that had to go. 🙁

  18. Guess they wanted the SS Bldg there…..

  19. Did not know this. Parked in the parking deck in the early 70s when I worked at what was then City National Bank. Such a beautiful building!!!

  20. They took Paradise and put up a parking lot!

  21. I worked across the street in 1950 in the Stallings building.

  22. i got a token with same address. j.l chalifoux & co.

  23. Oh how great it would be if it was still there and restored!!!

  24. That is a beautiful building and I’m sorry to hear it didn’t survive. This new stuff is just ugly.

  25. You know we “America ” just tears down anything old,

  26. All those power lines, no cars, horse and buggy

  27. Leave it to Birmingham to tear down something this grand for a parking deck.

  28. So this beautiful place was torned down? Geniuses planning and putting something else I assume.

  29. We as a society in murica are void of proper respect and appreciation for greatness and quality it seems.
    Examples of this sad fact are everywhere in our history

  30. Parking garage or ugly modern concrete monsters

  31. So much prettier than the garbage they build these days.

  32. So sad this was torn down.

  33. Gotta have a place to park our cars. Apparently, the place wasn’t worth saving in light of what was needed in that location.

  34. Birmingham always destroys history

  35. So many re homeless people can park and look be out of cars, or set up tents. Could have turned this into homes , for the homeless.

    1. Judy Tolbert there are far to many homeless in America today. Pay to rent, home mortgages are not in line for an average worker. To many good people are living out of their cars.

  36. Birmingham is constantly going backward trying to get ahead … much like the rest of the state

    1. Mark Thomas nobody is begging you to stay sir.

    2. Luke Tomberlin Nor you, in fact I see you’ve already vacated the state. If enough stupid is removed, the rest of us could have enjoyable safe lives.

    3. Mark Thomas Not Huntsville! We are very progressive!

    4. Orville McMillan Isn’t Tommy Battle still the mayor in Huntsville … and doesn’t the economy of Huntsville still dependent of both space and weapons? “Progressive” is a subjective term.

    5. Mark Thomas The economy of Huntsville is deversified. It used to depend on the Arsenal, but we have many manufacturers in the Huntsville area with more moving in. Tommy Battle is still mayor and doing a good job.


    1. Wait…are we tired of being backward and stupid, or are we just tired of people pointing it out. lol.

    2. Johnnie Parker Gorham Sweet and wonderful big hearted people, that is Alabama❤ I am blessed to have been born and raised there! People be hating–just ignore their stupidity

    3. Lucy Jackson Good!

  38. Does anyone know what year it was torn down?

    1. Frances Simmons Hughes the same year it burnt down !

    2. According to the article, it was torn down in the 60’s.

    3. Thanks, Wendy, I did read the article after I asked the question.☺ I thought I remembered seeing part of the demolition of the hotel as a child. And I did. (My memory isn’t entirely gone, although I do worry about it now and then.☺)

  39. What a shame. I dont understand why they want to destroy history. Very sad.

  40. It was so pretty. We need more parking decks, ha

    1. Theresa Layfield Powell bring back the trolley!

  41. “Don’t it always seem to go.”

  42. Such a beautiful building. Why did Birmingham have so many hotels?

  43. Well, that would be nice to still have around! An interesting architectural structure…

  44. Beautiful building…such a shame to have lost it.