1. We are related to the Hayes family.through Emily Turner Hayes.

    1. My great-grandmother was Sephronia Theodosia Hayes (Hays) who was raised by Henry F. Fancher and his wife Charlotte McGuire Fancher in Bibb County. Sephronia married my great-grandfather, Henry Alfred Chadbourne. I would like to find information on the birth parents of Sephronia Theodosia Hayes (Hays). I would appreciate any help in researching her background.

      1. Nancy
        Not sure the date of this comment….

        Did you find our any more information about Sephronia?
        Daughter of Charles B S Hays b 1800?

  2. GJbamalady Hayes

  3. I am Millie and Edmond Hayes’s great granddaughter. I love this story! If you have any more info I would love to have it.
    Thank you,
    Deanna Hayes Stephenson

  4. I recently discovered this site. As a native Alabamian, I greatly enjoy the Storied of my native state.
    I would respectively ask that when you refer to the “War”, please use the more accurate title for the war — The “War for Southern Independence” or better “The War of Northern Aggression”. We Southerners must correct the Lie that has been put on us by the victors. For a better understanding of those times read “The South Was Right” by the Kennedy Brothers. Also, “Sacred Conviction ” by Joseph Jay.
    Thank you
    Jim Steeley

  5. my name is Richard Hayes I live in Gary,Indiana because of the death of both my mother and father my brothers sister have lost track of our family history. MY FATHER is Clayborn Hayes born 10-27-1895 and his father’s name is Loney C Hayes and his wife Jannie moore. My mother is Mary Pickett -hayes born on 03-08-1916 father George Pickett and her mother is Emma Ardis. All mentioned are deceased! I my history begins somewhere in that area! Please help with any info possible.