1. To All Of The Ellis, Harkness and Powell family, Ezekiel was our ancestors brother.

  2. My Mom used to talk about Camp Meetings.

  3. Just like in Fried Green Tomatoes

  4. My grandparents(Long-Robinson) had one in Choctaw County-Gilbertown, Al. The old Tabernacle had a tin top with open sides & ends, with saw dust chips for the floor, wooden see thru benches, a wooden water barrel in the corner with a tin scoop that everyone used for drinking the well water they would fill up in it down the hill. Bring a coat for cooler weather and a hand paper funeral fan for hotter nights… “those were the days”

  5. This is my heritage. Thank God. My ancestors’ prayers are still being answered.

  6. We attended camp meetings in the ’50-60’s in Morven Georgia.

  7. My maternal grandmother, and my Mother, told me of camp meetings and ‘brush arbour revivals’ where family’s would come from miles and miles, many walking, to finally arrive. They would throw together limbs, or use exising trees as supports then put brush on top to protect from the sun, and at night from the dew. They lived in Butler County, during those years. Though there were a few different churches scattered around, the preacher could not afford to just preach each Sunday at the same one. So he would go to all the churches in a sort of rotation. One of the preachers was named Infinger, or Enfinger.

  8. […] camp meetings of long ago were unique in many respects. Though religious in purpose, it had an inviting side; the […]

  9. My Granny and Pop used to drag me down to the Holiness Camp Ground during camp meeting in Piedmont , AL at Possum Trot the community where the camp ground was.. It was hot as the hell the preacher was preaching about for those who did not walk down to the altar and profess their sins, people shouting and running around sawdust going everywhere my Granny fanning me with a funeral home fan. No one wore shorts or hoseless legs like you see now with dress on. We had dresses on the ladies had hose on while I was in socks and Mary Janes with my dress. I was always down on the bench with my head in my Granny’s lap while she rubbed my ears and I guess I’d pass out from the heat and ear rub instead of the spirit. Always in August.. EVERY NIGHT for a week. I passed it a few weeks ago and now it is an air condition building. I doubt there is sawdust in there. Maybe they were running to get a breeze. I remember it like it was yesterday instead of the 50’s and 60’s

  10. Sad we don’t do this anymore.

  11. My uncle used to have tent revivals on his property, similar to camp meetings. The adults were at the services causing the trees to shake with the preaching, shouting and singing. All the kids (under the age of 12) were at our house catching lightning bugs, eating snacks my grandmother laid out for us and playing games. Loved those simple times and wish I could recapture some of them now.

  12. I have been to many tent revivals… and dinner on the ground. Such wonderful times

  13. Still do. Palmetto, AL

  14. The Second Great Awakening.

  15. In many family trees we find people in the mid-1800s named “Lorenzo” with middle name “Dow”. They were named for the greatest of all circuit riders, Lorenzo Dow, who was said to have preached to more people than anyone else in the early 1800s at outdoor revivals and one of the best know people of his time.

  16. I live next to property that once had a Methodist camp on it in Salem. What little info I could find on it which wasnt much told a tale of a quite popular place attended by many.